• Project Lilium

  • Phil Tan
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 71.8
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A scientist gets funding to execute his plan of creating an AI version of his deceased daughter, but he and the AI get caught up in their funders' plot to make her an assassination machine.
A brilliant scientist and his artificial intelligence creation, whom he shaped in the image of his deceased daughter, find themselves under the control of a powerful man who wishes to aim the AI woman's programming toward political assassinations.
A grieving professor is given the opportunity to bring his deceased daughter back to life with the power of AI and robotics, but finds his creation is being used for political assassinations.
Crime, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Thriller, Cloning, Dark, Futuristic, Murder, Organized Crime, Political, Suicide, Betrayal, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Criminal, Death, Father, Father/Daughter, Female, Fight, Government, Guns, Heartwarming, Parent, Secret Identity, Secrets, Sex, Suspenseful, Workplace
White / European
Ex Machina, Bicentennial Man, Alita: Battle Angel, AI: Artificial Intelligence
Present Day - Several Months
Pennsylvania: Ellis Home, Hock Estate, Project Lilium Building, PA State Capitol Building, Hotel, Airport, Rooftop, Courthouse, Prison Cell.  New York: New York Sentry, Train, Clemence's Apartment, Cafe, Stetson's Apartment.   Washington, DC: Bar.
CLAY ELLIS (60) is working on an AI that's similar to his daughter ROSIE (20s), a journalist who died in Iraq years prior.

Elsewhere, a reporter named THOM CLEMENCE (30s), who was in a relationship with Rosie, prepares to leave for New York.

Ellis is approached by JOSEP (40s), a former student of his turned CTO of Hock Industries. Josep is interested in Rosie's progress. Later, Josep arrives with CEO ROBAS (50s) to check on Rosie's progress. Her programming impresses, but has a glitch where Rosie seems to freeze up when looking at Ellis. Robas an Josep tell Ellis they'll give him the funding necessary to complete Rosie, and turn her into an android.

Rosie is made to look like her human counterpart, while Ellis fine tunes her AI, though the glitch is still there. Rosie is tested against a human in front of an average person, and no one is aware that Rosie isn't human.

Robas sends Rosie out, under the guise of testing how she is in the outside world. However, Ellis realizes that this is an assassination operation, where Rosie kills an undesirable presidential hopeful. She then self-terminates, hiding evidence she was around. Ellis is horrified, but is...