• Bring Him to the River

  • Martin Bartlett
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Horror
  • Scouted
  • 73.7
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A traumatized young woman goes to an abandoned campsite for the weekend and is tasked with solving a forty-year-old mystery.
A young woman who witnessed her mother’s murder as a child stops at an abandoned campsite with her friends on a road trip. While there, she encounters ghosts from 1979 and must help solve a mysterious murder so that their spirits can rest.
A woman struggling with the circumstances surrounding her parents' death ends up at an abandoned campsite with her friends, where she begins to see the apparition of a murdered little girl who seems to be asking the woman to help find the man who killed her.
Female Protagonist, Action, Drama, Horror, Dark, Ghost, Murder, Mental Illness, Man vs Nature, Time Travel, Corruption, Survival, Dysfunctional Family, Psychological Thriller, Death, Father/Daughter, Female, Gory, Investigation, Killer, Mother/Daughter, Secret Identity, Secrets
Fear Street:1978, It, The Lovely Bones, The Silence of the Lambs, Evil Dead, The Blair Witch Project
One evening ten years before, Over a few days going back and forth between 1979 and 2022
Almost 100% at a campsite
YOUNG REBECCA WOODS (10) runs through a trailer park. BOBBY RICHARDS (40s) and DARLENE WOODS (30s), white-trash, fight one another. Bobby attacks Darlene, and Rebecca points a rifle at him. Darlene smashes Bobby over the head, and they flee into the bedroom. Darlene encourages Rebecca to shoot Bobby. She falls unconscious.

Outside a suburban home, PETER (early 20s) honks and complains to CHRISSY (early 20’s) about her boyfriend being late. HEATHER (early 20s) and Chrissy talk about Heather’s cousin, Rebecca. REBECCA, now early 20s, is troubled. She eventually goes out with Heather, Peter and Chrissy. JASON,(early 20’s) arrives. Jason drives the RV with a cast on his arm. They drive on a lonely road, and Rebecca hallucinates a little girl. Rebecca hallucinates a little girl’s disturbing voice telling her: “Bring him to the river.”

BIRDIE PARISH (10), wearing a creepy dress, startles Rebecca. NED WATSON (70s) works at the general store. They get directions to Bell Brooke Campsite, where they decide to stay. The SHERIFF (70s) watches the RV.

Jason tells a scary story, and the group leads about a man, BIG SAM PARISH, who was suspected of being connected to the disappearance and possible murder of a little...