• OK, Boomer

  • Stan Evans
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.7
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A privileged Gen Z-er who despises old people receives a court order to live in a retirement community for three months after hitting a senior with his car.
After he accidentally crashes his car into a pole and injures an elderly man while intoxicated, a young man who hates old people is forced to become the roommate of the elderly man he hurt in order to avoid jail time.
An immature man crashes his car into an elderly man while high from an edible. As punishment for his mistreatment of the elderly, the man is forced to live as the roommate of the elderly man he crashed into at a senior community center.
A young man must overcome his ageist prejudices when he is court-ordered to live with an elderly man as punishment for a DUI.
Comedy, Drama, Courtroom, Dramedy, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Friends/Friendship, Law/Legal
Billy Madison, Tuesdays with Morrie, With Honors, Happy Gilmore
Present, Several Months / Flashbacks To Five Years Ago, One Day
Locations are set in South Daytona, Florida, with specific areas including: a house, McDonald's drive-thru, grocery store, retirement community, jail, mansion, architect firm, lodge, café, botanical gardens, pool, church, trail, wooded path, park, graveyard, Miami convention center, and apartment.
BRYCE PRESCOTT (22) and his roommate, FRANCIS “BUBBLE GUM” LUCAS (22), play video games and get high. An elderly woman knocks on the door with a petition related to someone speeding along the roads nearby. Bryce, who hates elderly people after his grandfather was mean to him and died, throws the elderly woman out.

Bryce then realizes he has 30 minutes before his edible kicks in, so he decides to go get food. At the drive-thru and grocery store, elderly people cause the lines to go slowly. By the time Bryce leaves the grocery store, his edible has taken effect.

Nearby, ELDRIDGE “ELDIE” HUNT (80) posts a notice on a pole, as he searches for a new roommate. Inebriated, Bryce accidentally drives onto the sidewalk, hits the pole, and injures Eldie. Eldie survives, but Bryce is arrested. At trial, elderly people testify against Bryce. The judge orders Bryce to become Eldie’s roommate for the next three months.

At the trial is CRYSTAL (21), Bryce’s girlfriend. She is shocked to hear the comments elderly people have made about Bryce. She breaks up with him when he loses his case.

Bubble Gum helps Bryce into the retirement community where Eldie lives. During this time, Bryce...