• Plundered My Soul

  • Alexander Slesers
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.1
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A novelist has twenty five days to finish his manuscript or pay back a seven figure advance when, desperate for inspiration, he travels home to reunite with the very family members he has forsaken; his alcoholic father and two brothers; one a schizophrenic, the other an amateur rapper.
A writer struggling to finish his follow-up to a successful novel is suddenly forced to return home to Canada to visit his brother. There, he encounters his paranoid schizophrenic brother recently released from a mental institution, as well as his other brother, an aspiring rapper, and their alcoholic father.
A successful but arrogant novelist struggles to follow up his first novel. With his deadline quickly approaching he finds inspiration in an interaction with his estranged family, but must confront the years of dysfunction in their relationships in order to unlock the story.
A frustrated author finds himself running out of time to produce a sequel to his blockbuster novel before he owes his publisher millions, so he decides to return home to Canada in a last-ditch effort to find inspiration. There, his aspiring-rapper brother tries to help their older, schizophrenic brother transition out of an institution, and the trio deals with their alcoholic professor father.
Character Study, Comedy, Drama, Mental Illness, Urban, Dramedy, Black Comedy, Ensemble Cast, Dysfunctional Family, Alcoholism, Contemplative, Father/Son, Relationship, Siblings, Son, Writer/Writing
White / European
The Royal Tenenbaums, Garden State, Dan in Real Life, Stuck In Love, Silver Linings Playbook, Wonder Boys, Stuck In Love, Beautiful Kate, Tetro
Present, Several Weeks/Flashbacks to 1990's-2000's
10% Los Angeles, including offices, a home, a restaurant, a car, streets.  90% Canada, including: an airport, a mental institution, a hospital, a bar, a house, a television set, a radio station, a university.
In 1993, JAMES SAWCHUCK (6) is bullied at school, and his older brother EDWARD (11) takes care of the bully for him. Edward makes a promise to never hurt James.

In the present, James is thirty-five and a successful best-selling author living in Los Angeles. He seeks the help of a THERAPIST (50’s) because he’s struggling to write a follow-up to his novel, which, if he fails to do, he’ll be forced to pay publisher SHELTON (60) millions of dollars. At the same time, James receives a call from his younger brother BOBBY (33), telling him that Edward, who is now forty and has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, is being released from the mental institution. James tries to live his life but can’t seem to write.

Bobby tells James that he and Edward went out to celebrate and Edward instigated bar patrons. James thinks it’s hilarious and is inspired to write it down. Soon he has the idea to return home and spend some time with his brothers in hopes that it will help him with writing. Shelton gives him twenty-one days to produce the draft.

James and Edward have a tense reunion, with Edward accusing James of avoiding...