• Mexican/American

  • Michael Hahn
  • Available
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.2
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LawyerBianca Bezdek-Goodloe (Goodloe Law)
The Mexican son of a notorious criminal robs banks in LA to raise money to buy his family out of trouble in Mexico, but his plans unravel when he and his wild best friend fall for the same woman.
A man will do whatever it takes to help his family escape Mexico, even if it means dealing with people similar to those who got them into the situation in the first place.
A child left for dead at the California/Mexico border grows up, along with his less competent best friend, to become a car thief, bank robber, and scam artist intent on getting his surviving family from Mexico to the US, no matter how long it takes or whom he has to pay off.
After escaping Mexico as a child, the son of a cartel leader turns to crime to raise the money he needs to have his family smuggled into the United States.
Action, Crime, Drama, Racially Based, Cop/FBI/CIA, Heist, Murder, Organized Crime, Latino / Hispanic Theme, Love Triangle, Agent, Betrayal, Chase, Criminal, Death, Escape, FBI, Guns, Immigration, Investigation, Money, Mother, Mother/Son, Relationship, Rivalry, Robbery, Violence/Violent
Latino / Hispanic
Taken, Under the Same Moon, Life of Crime, The Gentlemen, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Pulp Fiction, Once Upon a Time in America, Traffic, Go
Present/Several Months - Flashbacks/1980s
Los Angeles - Javier's Car/Bank/Sand Lot/Slum Neighborhood/Young Luis's Home/Javier's Apartment/Beverly Hills House/Home Depot Parking Lot/City Street/Penelope's Car/Shooting Range/Hector's House/Upscale Restaurant/Bank in the City/Bank Lobby/Vault/Alley Near Bank/Rooftop/City Street/Tall Building/Stairwell/Parking Garage/City Alley/The Alley Bar/Penelope's Apartment/Police Station/Javier's New Apartment/Public Parking Lot/Armored Car Parking Lot/Warehouse/Hector's Kitchen/Mexico - Bautista's Compound/Bautista's Horse Stables/Bautista's Bedroom/Bautista's Office/Mexican Desert/Mexican Border Town Hotel/California-Mexican Border/Sonoran Desert/Border Patrol Truck/Ritter's Bedroom/Ritter's Kitchen/Rooftop Gym/City Streets/FBI Building/Neilson's Office/Barrio Neighborhood/Clairita's Apartment/Race Track/Tunnel Under The Stands/Women's Restroom/Race Track Stands/Race Track/Warehouse/Bus Stop/Rich Neighborhood/Side Street/El Maestro's House/El Maestro's Garage/El Maestro's Man Cave/State Park/First Bank/First Bank Safety Deposit Box Vault/El Maestro's Convertible/Park/Large Bank/Luis's Truck/Liquor Store/
JAVIER is the son of an infamous cartel leader and is forced to come to America with his best friend, Luis, and his family.

As an adult, Javier goes to a professional smuggling business to help get his family across the border. This is what he's been planning for since he was a little boy. When he finds out how much money he needs to get to help them get out safely, he joins forces with his best friend, LUIS. However, Luis is sprung over Penelope, a woman he just met.

Javier breaks into a bank as a cleaning lady to get the money to help his family come into America legally. However, he is nearly found out when the other cleaning lady is suspicious of him.

Javier has a flashback of the day he was forced to leave Mexico as a boy. It's the day a little girl brought his uncle's severed head to the Bautista base as a threat.

Javier shoots one of the smuggling bosses, EL MAESTRO, dead. He is finally free from threat.

During a flashback, Luis takes Javier’s mission into his own hands. This leaves Javier with the hope that everything will work out.