• Ghost Gunner

  • Phil Tan
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 71.8
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A Malaysian college student in the United States learns her father has cancer, and when she grows desperate to make money, she starts to work with her landlord’s illegal operations, making and trading “ghost guns” without serial numbers.
In order to pay for her biomedical engineering degree after her father is diagnosed with cancer, a young woman begins working for her landlord crafting and assembling ghost guns for local criminals. When detectives find these guns at murder scenes, the young woman and her landlord struggle to keep their business a secret.
A young Malaysian woman comes to the United States for school, but when her father becomes sick with cancer, she resorts to assisting her landlord with his ghost gun manufacturing and sales operation in order to pay for her tuition and rent.
Female Protagonist, Crime, Drama, Thriller, LGBTQ, Cop/FBI/CIA, School, Cop, Female, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Guns, Mafia
Asian / Pacific Islander
Baby Driver, 21 Jump Street, War Dogs, Lord of War, Pain & Gain, American Hustle
Present, a few weeks
10% Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur airport), 90% Atlanta: airport, apartment, restaurant, classroom, bar, basement, hotel, street.
In a jail interview room, TOH MI “TOMMY” LIN (22) speaks with her lawyer, who presents her with a deal, claiming that it’s the best she will get. In the past, Tommy is then seen having sex with a woman named ANN (22). Shortly after, Tommy says goodbye to Ann, her DAD (?), her MOM (?), and her brother LITTLE CHARLIE (12), and leaves her life in Malaysia to head to the United States for college.

When she arrives, she heads to her room, which she is renting from a homeowner named CHARLIE WILKES (20s). She and Charlie strike up a quick friendship. Tommy then acquaints herself with her new environment. She stays in contact with Ann during this time. Her friendship with Charlie also brings her to meet Charlie’s stripper girlfriend ASHLYN (20s). At school, she meets a fellow classmate named CARMEN (21).

Charlie takes Tommy to the club where Ashlyn works. There, Charlie carries out secret business with ZHANG (30s), the head of an Asian street gang. Also in the club is a man named JOJO NICKSON (20s) and a Mexican gang member named HECTOR (20s).

Tommy's world is turned upside down when she receives a call from her dad letting her...