• Make Me Tremble

  • Rebekah Mueller
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Horror
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 71.7
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A bullied teen, ridiculed throughout her childhood about her seizures by a popular rival, convinces her best friend that they should find a spellbook said to be tied to a local haunted house. After invoking a spell and seemingly being cured of her condition, the girl finds herself capable of manipulating objects and people, allowing her to fight back against the rival’s “freak week” bullying campaign, but opening the door to a dark path of revenge.
A misfit 17-year-old who has been relentlessly teased by the popular kids because of her seizures finds a spellbook which she reads from with her best friend. This gives her some immense powers, but also dangerous and dark abilities as she starts to enact violent revenge on her bullies.
A bullied seventeen-year-old outcast suffering from seizures and obsessed with all things supernatural discovers that her lifelong tormentor has declared “freak week," a public bullying campaign against her. Intent on fighting back, the girl locates a magical spellbook and uses it to grant herself powers of mind control and telekinesis that begin to spin out of control as the rivalry with her bully becomes increasingly violent.
Action, Drama, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, Dark, Murder, Revenge, School, Teen, Troubled Youth, Love Triangle, Adolescence, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Competition, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Friends/Friendship, High School, Killer, Magic, Outsider, Rivalry, Siblings, Suspenseful, Transformation
The Craft, Jennifer's Body, Carrie, Charmed (TV), The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV), The Secret Circle (TV), Heathers
Present, One Week/Flashback to Ten Years Ago
100% Eastern Seaboard, including: a high school, a rundown house, a mansion, homes
Spirited MARGOT (7) and her best friend BERNIE (7) attend the birthday party of petulant and spoiled AMANDA (7). When Margot has a seizure and has to be taken to the hospital, Amanda is resentful. Bernie accompanies her friend and the doctor explains to them how to best handle and onset of seizures.

Ten years later, they are in high school and still best friends. They are restoring a van so that they can host “ghost tours” in their town. Bernie’s brother JONATHAN is now dating Amanda, who cryptically plans “freak week”, a campaign of bullying against Margot. Jonathan tries to downplay Amanda’s hatred, but she’s committed to do the pranks, along with minions SEAN and NIKKI. She wants to end the week at the local Hex House, a Halloween like attraction with a legend attached to it.

In gym class, Margot can’t resist racing Amanda after her provocations. Margot has a seizure but is soon ok. Amanda’s friends get video of it. Later Jonathan shows her the video. Margot wants to find a way to fight back. Teacher MR. RUSSO (24) knows she’s interested in hauntings and talks to her about a “grimoire” spellbook tied to the...