• Salt Beast Guardians

  • Yelitza Prada Breen
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • Fantasy
  • 71.7
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A young girl whose father’s identity has been hidden from her learns that his descendants have been cursed by a witch to turn into pillars of salt. After learning this, she embarks on a training program to stop the curse by participating in a bull competition.
A teenage girl who has longed to discover the identity of her father is shocked to learn that he is a member of a cursed French family. The descendants have been cursed by a witch to turn into pillars of salt, and she must travel to France to compete in the salt beast games to save her family.
A teenager raised without knowing her father’s identity learns the truth about him when her mother starts to show signs of suffering from the family curse. As the only person who can help her mother, the teenager travels to France to unite with her estranged father in order to end the curse.
Mainstream (studio), Female Protagonist, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Demons, Ghost, Teen, Social Commentary, Daughter, Evil, Father/Daughter, Parenthood
Into the Woods, Sleepy Hallow, Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, The Hunger Games, A Wrinkle in Time, Practical Magic
2005 and 2021
Mostly in France: peasant's cottage, ranch, kitchen, cabin, airplane, etc.
In 2005, in France, BEATRICE SALISBURY (35) takes her daughter, ELIZABETH (1), to meet Elizabeth’s father, AMIEL VANDIVER (33). Amiel operates a ranch alongside PACO VELA (40s). That same day, ZORRALINE CHAPPELLE (50s), a witch who is an ally of the SALT GHOSTS and Paco’s sister, visits the ranch. Zorraline references a curse and says that her side will end it rather than Elizabeth. Amiel’s dog tries to attack Zorraline and is partially turned into salt. Afraid, Beatrice takes Elizabeth and flees.

Sixteen years later, Beatrice has cut ties with Amiel and Paco. Elizabeth believes she was conceived through sperm donation and laments not having a father. One day, Beatrice spots a salt amoeba on her body. She is forced to tell Elizabeth about Amiel and sends Elizabeth to France to end the curse.

Elizabeth is skeptical but meets with Paco. Paco explains that Amiel has been kidnapped. He also tells her that the family is cursed after her ancestors led a massacre against salt workers in the area. To end the curse temporarily, she will have to fight Salt Beasts, bull-like creatures, in the Salt Beast Games.

Afterward, Elizabeth goes to meet with the salt ghosts. One, HORATIO (?), believes Elizabeth...