• Unsung Lyric

  • Frank "Cubed" Hernandez
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Rom-Com
  • Scouted
  • 74.2
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A struggling musician gives up music when he is evicted, arrested, and his car is impounded, only to question this decision when he meets a bakery assistant with Parkinson’s Disease who believes in his talent.
When a struggling street musician decides to quit trying to make it in the music business after a string of bad circumstances causes him to miss a gig, he starts performing again with the help of a woman who believes in his talent, but their budding romantic relationship becomes complicated with the woman’s increasingly worsening Parkinson’s disease.
After he's evicted from his home, has his car impounded, and loses his beloved guitar left to him by his father, a struggling musician gives up on his dream. However, after meeting and falling in love with a talented singer/songwriter with Parkinson's disease, he decides to give his career a second shot.
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Music, Handicapped, Feel Good/Uplifting, Disability, Inspirational, Romantic Comedy, Band, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Concert, Dating, Dog, Fame, Father/Son, Heartwarming, Illness, Love, Money, Performance, Performer, Police, Relationship, Singer
Ultra Low
Begin Again, Once, A Walk to Remember, I Still Believe, Listen to Your Heart, The Song
Present/A Few Months
100% Los Angeles: Front Yard/City Street Corner/Trevor's Car/Jenny's Cafe/Parking Area, Trevor's Apartment Building/Stairs/Trevor's Apartment/Trevor's Apartment Building, exterior/Supermarket Parking Lot/Jenny's Cafe Loading Area/Ms. Pavlov's Apartment/Street/Jenny's Cafe Kitchen/Police Station Holding Cell/Check Out Vestibule/Jenny's Cafe Dining Room/Police Station, exterior/City Street/Jenny's Cafe Stairway/Claire's Apartment Living Room/Claire's Car/Supermarket/Claire's Apartment Kitchen/Police Station Car Lot/Claire's Bedroom/Jenny's Cafe Break Room/Claire's Bathroom/The Cube Nightclub/The Cube, exterior/Uber Car/Fairgrounds/Fairgrounds, Surrounding Streets/Amphitheater/Amphitheater, Backstage/Stage/Street/Dance Floor/Hospital/Claire's Hospital Room/Hospital Hallway/Hospital Lobby
TREVOR YORK (28) sings and plays guitar on the street. A crowd watches, but only DEXTER MANNING (?) is interested in taking one of Trevor’s CDs. Suddenly, a street performer dressed as ELMO (?) interrupts and bullies Trevor to leave the area. Trevor packs up his belongings when CLAIRE JAMES (?), who watched Trevor perform, approaches. She says Trevor is talented but criticizes him for being too tense when he plays.

Trevor tries to brush her off so that he can go to work as an Uber driver. Claire uses the rideshare app to hire him. He takes her to work at a popular café owned by JENNY PHAM (?). Claire suggests that he perform at the café sometime. She gives Trevor her number.

Trevor leaves and goes home where he has received another eviction notice. The next morning, MS. PAVLOV (?), the landlord, demands Trevor pay his rent. He tries to make excuses and ends up leaving to pick up his next client on Uber. It is Claire, who asks Trevor to perform at the café that night. Trevor agrees.

When Trevor goes home, he discovers his apartment has been padlocked. He breaks in to get his guitar. The police are called and arrest...