• You Must Remember This

  • David Johnson
  • Available
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 75.9
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ManagerJeffrey Belkin (Zero Gravity Management)
As a dangerous bank robber is in prison and starts to see the effects of rapidly progressing dementia, his co-conspirators demand he reveal the hidden location of the millions they stole together in their last mission, and enlist the prison doctor to try to get the information out of him.
After a notorious thief is incarcerated, he begins to suffer from dementia. Hoping to find the last big take the thief hid, the thief’s former accomplice blackmails the prison doctor to get the thief to give up the location before the thief’s dementia prevents him from remembering where the money is hidden.
A discredited prison psychiatrist finds his life turned upside down when he gets caught up in the calculated and dangerous scheme of a notorious inmate faking dementia. In the end, his reputation is salvaged but his life is forever changed.
Action, Crime, Drama, Detective, Thriller, Con, Cop/FBI/CIA, Hostage, Heist, Kidnap, Murder, Mental Illness, Organized Crime, Prison, Revenge, Treasure, Tragedy, Corruption, Car, Betrayal, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Bus, Chase, Criminal, Death, Husband/Wife, Love, Mafia, Mob, Money, Police, Pregnancy, Robbery, Secrets
Reservoir Dogs, The Usual Suspects, Baby Driver, Don’t Say a Word, Taken, Trapped, Wild Things, Gone Girl, The Good Liar, Widows (2018), Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)
Present/Six Months
100% California: Jewelry Store, exterior/Jewelry Store/Plumbing Van/Police Cruiser/Eddie Drake's House/Shower/Bedroom/Cemetery/Eddie's Car/Parking Lot/Health Club, exterior/Police Department Interrogation Room/Eddie's Den/Bar/Federal Reserve Bank, exterior/Brinks Truck/Truck Stop/SUV/Highway/Commercial Truck/Road/School Bus/Abandoned Building, exterior/Warehouse, exterior/Warehouse/Mickey's House, exterior/Mickey's Foyer/Eddie's Kitchen/California State Prison, exterior/Parking Garage/Prison General Population/Tom's Office/Tom and Amy's House, exterior/Tom and Amy's Living Room/Hospital, exterior/Hospital Radiology Department/MRI Room/Eddie's Prison Cell/Prison Cafeteria/Prison Visitation Room/Prison Employee Parking Lot/Mickey's Den/Mickey's Car/Department Store/Parking Garage/Restaurant Supply Warehouse/Warehouse Bay/Prison Guard Observation Room/Prison Common Area/Home Construction Site/Amy's Warehouse Room/Warden's Office/Prison Motor Pool/Prison Bus/Hospital Rear Entrance/Hospital Hallway/Hospital Holding Room/Hospital Parking Lot/Police Department, exterior/Detective Molson's Office/Warehouse Bay/Econo Lodge, exterior/Econo Lodge Hotel Room/Tom's Car/Echo Park/Lake/Warehouse Office Room/Residential Street/Gary Drake's House, exterior/Gary Drake's House/Underground Garage/Moving Truck/Back Road/Molson's Car/Private Airport Terminal/Private Airport/Hangar Two/Brinks Office/Brinks Vault/Hopper's Car/Cayman Islands Bank/Private Vault/Cayman Island Hotel/Hotel Lobby/Hotel Pool/Cabana
A STORE MANAGER of a jewelry store is held at gunpoint by robbers. The crew takes off their masks. MICKEY CROSS (mid-40s) is the leader. He is joined by GARY DRAKE (40s) as well as JAKE SALTS and RANDY PARSONS (late-20s). They steal jewelry and flee wearing masks.

A police cruiser patrols the street, and Mickey has Randy and Jake leave with him. Gary races toward the van as the cruiser pursues, and Gary is left behind and is shot by police.

They call the house of EDDIE DRAKE (50s) and NICOLE (mid-30s). Crime boss Eddie is disturbed by the death of his brother.

Eddie and Nicole attend a funeral that is staked out by DETECTIVE MOLSON (30s), and her partner, DETECTIVE ROBEK. A MAN approaches Eddie, and Eddie pays him off for the flashdrive he gets. Detective Molson interrogates Nicole.

Eddie tells Mickey he wants to do another job. They plan to hit the LA branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. Randy steals a truck, causes an accident on the highway, and steals a car in the chaos. A DRIVER and HOPPER driving a Brinks truck see an out-of-control school bus. The Hopper gets out to...