• A Good Man

  • Clint Jefferson
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 70.1
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A businessman who works selling cocaine for drug cartels tries to protect his family and keep his secret, though the danger escalates as a terrifying enforcer for Colombia’s cartel is released from prison and goes on a violent rampage.
A cocaine businessman and a brutal kingpin live out the tragic existence of drugs, power, money, and women as they do everything they can to survive.
A businessman working for drug cartels struggles to keep his family life intact as he delves deeper into the violence of the cocaine industry.
Action, Crime, Drama, War, Cop/FBI/CIA, Drugs, Hitman, Murder, Organized Crime, Prison, Revenge, Corruption, Survival, CIA, Criminal, Death, Environment, Evil, Gangster, Guns, Husband/Wife, Killer, Money, Secrets, Violence/Violent
Ultra High
White / European
Sicario, No Country for Old Men, Breaking Bad (TV), Traffic
1986, present day spanning several months
Chicago suburb. Coconut Grove, FL - Lakeview Family Life Insurance / Wedding Chapel / Hospital / Safe house / Townhome / Federal prison / General hospital / Prison cemetery / Tyler's grave site / Mini van. Colombia - Riohacha Prison / Plantation fields / Processing lab / Death camp / Loft / Boardroom / El Poblado / Flea market / Cafe / Lair / Slums / Busy streets / Financial District / Bank of Republic / Hotel / Mass burial site / Jeep / Ranch home / US Army recruiter office / Dilapidated townhome / Smoke shop / Cadillac Brougham / Deserted Intersection / Police headquarters / Boulevard / Shack / Villages / Alejandro's compound / Boom Boom Room night club / Country side / Sergio's Villa / Jungle / Sanitation truck / Solitary confinement / Harold's Old ranch / Town car / Roberto Diaz's home / Roberto Diaz's estate / Coca field. The Bahamas - The Cove. Brazil - Helicopter / Night club / Emperor's complex / Emperor's coke factory / Helipad.
DEA AGENTS raid the house of the COOPERS. A BOY watches his father get arrested.

In the present, TYLER COOPER (?) is a cocaine businessman who keeps his drug dealing a secret from his family. He is married to KAREN (?) and they have a son KEVIN (8). HAROLD SMITH (50s), his father-in-law, is always suspicious of Tyler. Tyler is shocked when ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ, an enforcer for Colombia’s cartel, is released from prison.

In Colombia, farmers and sharecroppers work the land. MENDEZ MARTINEZ (38), the Cartel’s first lieutenant, meets with Tyler. DAN (45) makes Tyler suspicious, as Tyler thinks he is a cop.

JACOBO, a young Coliban boy, runs as Alejandro kills FELIPE (50s). Alejandro flees, while in a boardroom, the Collective, a collection of high-ranking Colombian elders, meets to discuss Alejandro’s return. SAMUEL (50s) reports Felipe’s death. At a Colombian flea market, MATEO (50s) and THE KIDS discuss how there is no place for Alejandro, but Matteo is killed. OSCAR (18) is recruited as a killer. LUIS is killed by flames.

SANTIAGO and DIEGO (50s) are attacked by Alejandro. Alejandro’s father JUAN MARTINEZ (60s) discusses the Collective’s concerns. Alejandro recruits many Colombian children to enact his violence.

Alejandro finds...