• The Literary Offenses of Noel Burnham

  • Billy Zeinert
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Rom-Com
  • Scouted
  • 79.6
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A reclusive, eccentric librarian is forced to work alongside a struggling writer to teach a class of unruly high school English students after their teacher quits. Their clashing personalities create tension at first, but soon the pair find common ground and a closer bond.
An obsessive-compulsive high school librarian with an imaginary-friend version of Mark Twain steps in as the English teacher when the former one abruptly quits. He struggles to help turn the struggling class around in time to pass their retake exams, with the help of the principal’s writer friend, whom he eventually starts to fall for.
A high school librarian with a traumatic past and colorful inner life gets bumped up to teach a struggling English class. He meets and forms a rivalry with a fellow English teacher, who is also hired to help the class. Both confront their inner demons as they find they are more in tune with each other than they initially seemed.
Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Teen, Work Related, Tragedy, Feel Good/Uplifting, Romantic Comedy, Class, Competition, Dating, Death, Fight, Heartwarming, High School, Home, Secrets, Small Town, Student, Teacher, Transformation, Workplace, Writer/Writing
10 Things I Hate About You, Easy A, Dead Poets Society, Miss Stevens, Stranger Than Fiction, When Harry Met Sally, The Proposal, You've Got Mail
Present, a few weeks
Suburban town: majority in Clintonville High School, houses, quiz bowl center
High school librarian NOEL BURNHAM (40s) gets ready for work, accompanied by his imaginary friend MARK TWAIN. Meanwhile, struggling novelist MARGERY (46) walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her. At school, Noel finds the English teacher GRAVES (65) quitting due to winning the lottery. PRINCIPAL KIM (48) asks a reluctant Noel to cover Graves's class. Margery bitterly cleans out her dead father's home. Noel's first class is a mess due to his opinionated, harsh teaching style. Kim discovers that Graves's English class scores were at an unacceptable low. Margery visits Kim and the two reconnect over their strong past friendship. Margery listens in on as Kim has to intervene after Noel tries to expel students for trivial issues such as which books they like. Margery buts in and matches Noel's English knowledge. Kim is impressed and relieved at the help. Kim hires Margery to teach alongside Noel. The pair are tasked with improving the English class's test scores in six weeks.

Margery and Noel constantly argue, and both of the pair's methods fail to capture the class's attention. Noel spies on Margery, who breaks her arm cleaning out her father's home. Noel attempts to help her, but has a panic attack when...