• 1066

  • Daniel Kissane
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.8
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The king of England and his brothers try to hold on to their power in the year 1066, as foreign rulers threaten to take their land and the throne.
In 1066 England, King Edward the Confessor dies, and while he wants Harold Godwinson to be his successor, a Norman challenger, William the Conqueror, invades England to claim the throne for himself.
In 1066 England, a recently crowned king tries to keep a foreign invader from taking over.
Action, Drama, Faith/Spirituality, Romance, Period, War, Inheritance, Political, Sword & Sorcerer, Military, Foreign Locale, Historical, Battle, Betrayal, Boat/Ship, Death, Fight, Government, Husband/Wife, King/Queen, Marriage, Mother/Son, Siblings, Soldier, Son, Violence/Violent, Warrior, Wedding
White / European
The King, Ironclad, The Last Duel, The Green Knight, Game of Thrones (TV)
60% 1066 - several months / 40% 1065 - several weeks
Medieval London/England - Royal Palace, Wharf, Harold's Manor, Chapel, Witan Meeting Room, Housecarles' Exercise Yard, Westminister Abbey, Country Road, Stamford Bridge, Battlefield, Beach at Pevensey, Waltham Abbey Churchyard Hastings - English Camp, Norman Camp/William's Tent, Battlefield Normandy - Shore, William's Castle, Dungeon, Forest, Forest Road, Forest Clearing, Church, William's Headquarters on Normandy Beach Brittany - Road, Mud Flat, William's Command Tent, Battlefield York/Northumbria - Streets, Earl's Manor, York Cathedral Norway - King Hardrada's Palace
In London in January 1066, KING EDWARD is dying. ARCHBISHOP STIGAND calls in HAROLD GODWINSON, 43, to his room, where he pressures the king to name his successor. Edward tells Harold that William will be after the crown.

There is a flashback to a year before, when Harold and his crew get shipwrecked on the Normandy coast. Harold meets WILLIAM, 39, the Duke of Normandy. Harold and William get along, but one of Harold’s housecarls, MAGNUS, warns that if he stays too long, William will kill him, since he was named an heir to the crown by Edward. Harold joins William in battle in Brittany, and together they defeat the Bretons. WILLIAM FITZOSBERN, 38, Seneschal of Normandy, and ODO, 31, William’s brother and Bishop of Bayeux, remind William that Harold is his enemy, not his friend. They plan for Harold to make an oath supporting William to be king over the bones of English saints, which are Holy relics. William tells Harold he can take the oath, or remain in jail in Normandy. Harold decides to take the oath because he feels he needs to go home.

Harold returns to England and is met by EDITH SVANSCHELLS, 35, the mother of his children. In...