• Misdirection

  • Emil Kraft
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 73.6
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Still reeling from a failed CIA mission that killed his best friend, a washed-up former operative must plunge into action to survive powerful criminals demanding money he didn't steal.
After a bag of money is accidentally taken by an innocent party, a former soldier is framed for the exchange gone wrong, and has to clear his name while finding the money.
When a crime boss does not receive the delivery of money he was expecting, he suspects an ex-member of the CIA is responsible. The former CIA agent struggles to prove his innocence and find the true culprit, a tech wizard who unintentionally took the wrong bag at a bar.
When a duffel bag filled with a large sum of money fails to reach its intended destination after being mistakenly taken by the wrong person, the young hacking guru who accidentally took it and an ex-CIA agent who is blamed for the theft try to locate the money and clear their names.
Action, Drama, Thriller, Buddy, Cop/FBI/CIA, Heist, Corruption
Snatch, Ocean's Eleven, Triple Frontier, Honest Thief, The Fugitive,
Present Day/A Couple Days
Takes place mostly in Poland with scenes in Virginia and Iran. Scenes in a bar, streets, apartment, internet cafe, security room.
After a nightmare replaying the failed CIA mission in Iran that killed his best friend, JOHN (44) wakes next to a one-night stand in the Gdansk apartment of his girlfriend, who returns unexpectedly and TASERs him.  NATE (31), a reformed teenage hacker/fugitive and now a network security entrepreneur, presents to a Gdansk sales prospect and is taunted by his competitor, KENT (45).  DAVID (45), an organized crime lieutenant, unconvincingly advises his boss not to hire a distant relative, KEITH (32), to courier money through Gdansk.
On a route, Keith enters a bar and drunkenly switches bags with Nate: Keith gets Nate’s dirty clothes; Nate gets David’s $1,000,000.  After David establishes Keith visited the bar, but otherwise won’t be useful, David kills him.  Searching through social media posts from the bar that night, David sees John, whom he recognizes/detests from their work establishing cocaine connections in Central America.  David mistakenly believes John used his CIA training to steal the money.
When Nate finds the $1,000,000 just before airport security, he mistakenly assumes criminals associated with Keith have found identifying information in his bag and are after him.  He goes off-grid to think things through and travels to a small Romanian town, where he...