• College Girl

  • Joshua Tate
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 73.1
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A woman with Down syndrome reassesses her place in life while grappling with the reality of an unexpected pregnancy.
A young woman with Down syndrome discovers that she is pregnant by her boyfriend, who also has Down syndrome. As she wrestles with what to do, she faces pressure from her Christian community and also faces her own aspirations of being a real college student.
A young woman with Down Syndrome discovers that she is pregnant and struggles with her decisions about what to do with the baby.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Faith/Spirituality, Handicapped, Feel Good/Uplifting, Social Commentary, Disability, Inspirational, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Education, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Friends/Friendship, Heartwarming, Love, Mother/Son, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Relationship, Student, Transformation
The Other Sister, Benny and Joon, Juno, Monica and David (documentary)
Present/About Five Days
Community Church/Community Church, exterior/Gina’s Car/Bri’s Apartment Building/Bri’s Apartment/Bri’s Bedroom/Extended Education Building/REACH Classroom/Business School Coffee Shop/Tim’s Dining Area/Grocery Store/Bri’s Kitchen/Adult Arcade/Bri’s Bathroom/Lea’s Apartment/Student Hospital/City Bus/Pastor Paul’s Office/Conference Room/REACH Headquarters/Lap Pool/Radiology Examination Room/Bus Stop/Landis Estates/Whitney’s House/Library/Liberal Arts Building/Lecture Hall/JJ’s Apartment/ Daycare Center/Social Sciences Building/Park/Campus/Hospital Room/Bounce House/Church, exterior
PASTOR PAUL preaches about how it takes a village to raise a child as he baptizes BABY MIKEY. His adoptive parents, faithful church-going attorneys WHITNEY (40) and JUSTIN (45), proudly watch alongside their other adopted children, REFUGIO (10), WINNIE (7), and ADAM (8). Baby Mikey’s biological mother, OLIVIA (30), disabled due to fetal alcohol syndrome, stands by. BRIANNA “BRI” CORBIN (25), wearing GENIE SOCKS, and JJ PARKER (25), both with Down syndrome, sit with JJ’s overbearing mother, GINA (50s), in the pews. After church, Gina drives Bri and JJ to the co-ed independent housing complex where they live alongside other adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) as part of the REACH program’s college experience. Housing is on the campus of Victory College, a traditional 4-year institution. Men and women are divided by separate floors, each with assigned Resident Assistants. That night, JJ and Bri have sex. LEA (19), the RA for Bri’s floor, checks in and catches them. She’s cool about it. On her way out, she congratulates JJ, a freestyle swimmer, on making it to Regionals. Bri asks if she has a sewing kit. Lea doesn’t know what that is.

The next morning, Bri feeds her pet stick bug, CHARLIE, and...