• The Maw

  • Jeff Hassen & Sean Plemmons
  • Available
  • Action
  • Scouted
  • 75.3
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ManagerMark Finley (Metric Talent & Literary Management)
To ensure his family’s future, a sadistic drug lord strands a group of sacrificial victims on a desert island swarming with voracious predators from the deep.
A cartel leader strands his would-be assailants on an island inhabited by monstrous creatures, and the group must work together to get off the island and take their revenge on the one who put them there.
The leader of a cartel brings people to his remote island, where he intends to sacrifice them to the demons that inhabit the island, as one woman tries to lead the other prisoners to escape.
Five prisoners are taken to a feared island called "The Maw" and are forced to participate in a horrific ritual.
Female Protagonist, Action, Adventure, Gangs, Monster, Ensemble Cast, Survival, Chase, Criminal, Death
King Kong: Skull Island, Animal, Piranha 3D (2010), Deep Rising
Around 24 hrs, present-day; brief flashback to 1925 and scenes from previous months
75% Bahamas Island "The Maw": beach, jungle, volcanic chute, caves, caldera, caverns, B-24 plane, canyon, ledge, glass lava tubes, cenote. 25% other: fishing yacht, motel, chop shop, junkyard, newspaper editing office, apartment, Seminole reservation, estate, docks.
In 1925, JUAN-PEDRO (12) and his father JULIAN (36) evade Havana Cartel boats and arrive at the Maw. The cartel henchmen search for them on the island, and Julian follows them. All are attacked by unseen creatures, while Juan-Pedro is on a boat. The creatures, who make loud cracking noises and have red claws, devour everyone on land, and Juan-Pedro is the only survivor.

In the present day, DIMITRI DE LA ROJA (39), the leader of the Red Claw Cartel, interrogates MICCO (25), who has just failed to kill him. Dimi's other offenders include journalist RUBEN MARQUEZ (39), chop-shop owner MIGUEL ESTRELLA (30), card counter JOEY DARTS (52), and Dima's former nanny MAGDDA BABINOVA (58).

The group is taken to the Maw. Flashback to Joey's downfall: he was counting cards to get money for his girlfriend ARLETTA's dance studio. He gets caught and Arletta's legs are shattered. Flashback to Miguel: his brother-in-law was killed while driving a car Miguel sold to him. Ruben: Dima's childhood friend who tried to expose his crimes as well as the Maw. Micco: after her sister overdoses on Red Claw fentanyl, she tries to kill Dima but her shot misses. Magda: Dima almost drowned in the bathtub under her care, and Dima's mother is...