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Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
AgentBryant Barile (CAA)
ProductionDi Novi Pictures
A young college student is forced to confront her family’s dark past when a mysterious stalker appears,derailing her life and sending her spiraling into a web of anxiety and paranoia.
A pageant contestant must navigate an intense prep under her controlling mother, while dealing with the mysterious presence of a stalker and confronting a dark, hidden family past.
When a beauty pageant contestant feels like she is being stalked, she descends into paranoia as she slowly starts to crack under the pressure of the competition and the demands of her controlling mother
Female Protagonist, Character Study, Drama, Family, Thriller, Mystery, Coming of Age, Dark, Mental Illness, Teen, Social Commentary, Dysfunctional Family, Psychological Thriller, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, College/University, Competition, Daughter, Female, Mother, Mother/Daughter, Obsession, Parenthood, Psychodrama, Sex
Latino / Hispanic
"Smile" (1975) "Drop Dead Gorgeous" (1999) "Miss Congeniality" (2000) "Black Swan" (2010) "Insatiable" (2018) "The Invisible Man" (2020)
Present/About a week
Pageant stage, pageant theater, LSU quad, LSU gym, gym bathroom, gym smoothie bar, Maria's room, kitchen, Andrea's tailoring room, auditorium, Mississippi River levee, hotel, hotel room, lobby, hotel hallway, dressing room, hotel bathroom, gas station - bathroom, frat house - living room, kitchen, bathroom, 1990's Fort F-150 - int/ext,
MARIA PEREZ is on stage wearing the dress of her dreams. She is crowned as the winner of a beauty pageant. She is ecstatic but quickly realizes she is covered in blood - her dream turned nightmare. She is woken up by her mother ANDREA, who weighs her and makes her practice interview questions for the pageant. She is clearly controlling.

Maria goes to the gym at 5:00AM and works out harder than everybody else. She throws up all the food she ate before and sees some feet in standing outside her stall. She doesn't find anyone when she comes out. ALEX, a fellow contestant who works at the gym hands her a smoothie.

Maria attends a briefing for the pageant where she sees KARI, a girl she used to know before she moved. This encounter leaves her feeling unsettled.

Maria goes back home and is weighed by her mother again. She asks Andrea if she's picked up her red dress sen in the dream sequence. Andrea says she went to the store but someone bought it already. Maria is disappointed but is consoled when Andrea pulls out a beautiful black dress from the days when she competed in pageants....