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Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
AgentCharlie Ferraro, Michael Sauvage (UTA)
ManagerRussell Hollander, Jon Huddle (Fourth Wall Management)
ProductionIan Bryce Productions
When an adrenaline junkie sets out to conquer a menacing river, she discovers that nature isn’t the onlything out for blood.
A fiercely-determined rock climber and adventurer must fight for her life in the wilderness while being pursued by a mysterious man.
An avid, extreme adventurer must survive being hunted by more than just nature.
When an adrenaline junkie sets off to conquer dangerous rapids, she quickly realizes the wrath of nature is the least of her worries as she is being hunted
Female Protagonist, Adventure, Thriller, Hostage, Murder, Nature, Man vs Nature, Survival, Psychological Thriller, Accident, Athlete, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Chase, Environment, Escape, Female, Fight, Grief, Husband/Wife, Killer, Marriage, Private Investigator, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
127 Hours (2010) Wild (2014) The Ritual (2018) Free Solo (2018) The Hunt (2020) Backcountry (2014)
Present Day / Over 1 Week
Camping tent, Mountain Side, Yosemite Valley - The Leaning Tower, Portaledge, Desert Cliffs, Campsite, Parking Lot, Sprinter Van, Campsite Shower, General Store, Highway, Slot Canyons, Mulholland Point, Shoreline, King’s River, Sasha’s Tent, Lagoon, Woods, Ridge, Canyon Ridge, Rock Outcropping, Ben’s Campsite, Canyon Tunnel, Canyon Ledge, King’s River Gorge, Waterfall, Rocky Beach, Canyon Wall, Access Road, Park Ranger Truck, Sheriff’s Office, Kauai Beach
SASHA and TOMMY are climbing the Leaning Tower in Yosemite Valley. As they climb, a slab of ice breaks off the summit and rains down upon them. One hits Tommy and he falls, but because they are connected by their safety, he is yanking Sasha down too. Tommy disconnects himself and falls to his death.

One year later, Sasha is not dealing with her grief well. She lives in a sprinter van and while driving is pulled over by BEN TREVINO. It is revealed she is going to do a river course on a canoe in honor of her husband.

Sasha starts her course and sets up a campsite for the night. While she is sleeping, she hears a mechanical grinding and sees something move in the trees.

The next morning Sasha sets out on her course and finds her canoe is sinking because there are holes in it. She pulls to the shore and makes sealant.

As she moves down the river, she feels sick and pulls to the shore and vomits. Someone spiked her water. She spends the rest of the night onshore.

Sasha is moving down the river the next morning when she is caught in a...