• Barron's Cove

  • Evan Ari Kelman
  • Set Up
  • Black List
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Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
ManagerCory Thompson (Tact Media)
ProductionMandalay Pictures
When his young son is viciously murdered by a classmate, a grieving father with a history of violencekidnaps the child responsible, igniting a frenzied manhunt fueled by a powerful politician — the father ofthe kidnapped boy.
A grieving father, driven mad for revenge, abducts the kid suspected of killing his child. This sets off a manhunt by the boy's corrupt politician father that threatens to disrupt the whole city.
When his son is brutally murdered by a classmate, a vengeful father kidnaps the culprit setting off a manhunt led by the boy's father, a powerful politician
Action, Crime, Drama, Detective, Thriller, Kidnap, Troubled Youth, Children, Corruption, Dysfunctional Family, Alcoholism, Father, Father/Son, Fatherhood, Gangster, Grief, Mafia, Suspenseful
White / European
Taken (2008) The Last House On the Left (2009) Prisoners (2013) Kidnap (2017)
Present/A few days
Hidden valley, train tracks, construction site, central supplies van, parking garage, storage cavity, warehouse, Benji's office, Caleb's Car, Jackie's house, police gym, event room, parking lot, bullpen, police precinct, interrogation room, chief's office, cafe, St. Jude church, Benji's house, baseball field, shed, small boat, dock ,yatch, city park, park gazebo, school, classroom, school hallway, cafeteria, conference hall, stage, forrest mountains, Barron;s cove (Shed), town hall, Felix's house, garage, tool shed, TV studio, precinct break room, grocery mart, phone booth, seafood restaurant, strip mall, briefing room, interview room, barracks, torture room, home office, lake, motel room , motel front desk, motel hallways, Waco diner, Pogano mountains, Fat Morgan's Diner, Lucky Star Diner, Police van, Benji's garage, abandoned factory, hospital, councilman's house, conevntion center, truck stop, greenroom, private marina, private dock, cop car, back alley
BARON, the protagonist's son is murdered by, ALEX, the mayor's son. CALEB, Baron's father, drives by his ex-wife's house to tell her he won't be able to spend the weekend with his son because he has to work for his mobster uncle, BENJI. They realize Baron was abducted from school.

The police find his remains on the train tracks along with Alex and his friend who are playing nearby. They deem it to be a suicide - pushed by the influence of LYLE, the mayor and Alex's adoptive father. Caleb tries to talk to Alex who sticks his tongue out at him.

Caleb kidnaps Alex and takes him to a cabin in the mountains. He plans to torture him to get information about what happened to Baron. Alex is not easily spooked and refuses to speak. Caleb can't go through with torturing him. He learns Alex was abused. Alex tells Caleb that it was Lyle who hurt him and who killed Baron.

Lyle, Benji and the police collaborate on a widespread manhunt for Caleb. Benji's henchmen find the Cabin and try to kill Caleb and Alex. Caleb kills some of them. They escape by boat but Alex gets shot and...