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Market: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
AgentEric Darnell, Olive Uniacke (WME) , Alex Creasia (Sugar23)
ProductionBaha Productions, Paradox
An absurdist biopic chronicling the many rises and falls of Donald Trump, culminating with that fatefulnight at the 2011 Correspondent’s Dinner.
In an absurdist comedy, Donald Trumps life is documented from the moment of his conception to the man he is today
An offbeat satire about the rise to power and fame of a young Donald Trump.
Animated, Character Study, Adventure, Biopic, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Melodrama, Con, Movie Business, Mockumentary, Mid-life Crisis, Teen, Corruption, Parody, Social Commentary, Dysfunctional Family, Business, Historical, Celebrity, Class, Divorce, Economy, Fame, Father/Son, Fatherhood, Husband/Wife, Parenthood, True Story
Ultra High
White / European
Life of Brian (1979) Bruce Almighty (2003) Son of the Mask (2005) You've Been Trumped (2011) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) Trumped (2017) President Evil (2018) Citizen Kane (1941)
Several Decades/1946-2011
New York City (96%): Trump family home (play room, living room), New York Military Academy, Dorm room, Verrazano Bridge, Manhattan streets, Wall Street, Trump village, empty lot, doctor's office, Z street office, studio apartment, Brooklyn Federal Courthouse, Roy Cohn's frog-filled apartment, Maxwell Plum's Restaurant, Americana Hotel, Le Club, The Commodore, Upper East Side building, Tavern on the green, 21 Club, Several politicians and business men's offices, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Genesco offices, Chase Bank, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Tiffany's office, Bonwit Teller Construction Site, Rock Quarry, helicopter, Greenwich mansion, Trump Tower, Trump Triplex, Wollman Rink, Central Park, Marble Collegiate Church, Peter Luger, Faceless Bank, miniature atlantic city, Limo, Donald's office, People Magazine office, Studio Lots, movie/tv sets, Atlantic City: Strip club, Holiday Inn Conference Room, construction site, Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Trump Castle, boxing ring, Taj Mahal, Trump Princess, Marina Palm Beach: Mar-a-Lago Montreal apartment, Aspen luxury chalet, Aspen mountain ski trail, Acapulco, Europe (2%):
Fade in to DONALD TRUMP as a tenacious sperm who wins the race. His ancestors are briefly shown in a montage along with his parents and their relationship dynamic.

He plays with his brother but steals all the blocks from him to build a skyscraper which he glues together. His first of many. He is admonished by his mother but his father, FRED, teaches him an important lesson about taking what he wants.

We skip to his preteen years where he runs around Manhattan with his friend singing the Jets' song from West Side Story and doing boyish things.

He gets shipped off to New York Military Academy where he becomes incredibly popular. He graduates and starts working for his father.

He watches the unveiling of a new bridge and notices no one gives any recognition at all to the man who built it. From this moment on he decides he will do everything in his power to be remembered and recognized. He refuses to be a footnote in history.

He collects rent in Trump village and works for his father for the next couple of years in his low income housing projects. He avoids getting drafted into the war...