• Joshua

  • Brian Feinberg
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 79.5
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An eleven year old comic prodigy strives to become a famous comedian despite his father's disapproval and his own insecurities.  When he's diagnosed with cancer, he uses his difficult circumstances as fuel for his comedy.
A talented Black 11-year-old in Philadelphia aspires to be a standup comedian, yet as he faces setbacks, including his vitiligo, a leukemia diagnosis, and a stern father, he tries to maintain confidence and pursue his dream.
An 11-year-old strives to become a stand-up comedian despite his father's disapproval and his own insecurities. When he's diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, he uses his difficult circumstances as fuel for his stand-up comedy.
When he’s diagnosed with leukemia, a bullied eleven-year-old black kid continues to pursue his dream of being a standup comic, performing at clubs and on YouTube to hone his talent, while at the same time contending with the realities of treatment, the progression of his disease, and his single father’s resistance to his dream.
Comedy, Drama, Family, School, Black Theme, Disability, Inspirational, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Son, Friends/Friendship, Illness, Performance, Performer, Relationship, Son, Student
Black / African
Don’t Think Twice, Other People, Wonder, 50/50, The Fault in Our Stars, John Q, My Life Without Me, Funny People
Present, Several Months
90% Philadelphia, including a house, middle school, theater, pediatrician office, hospital, comedy club, train.  10% New York, including the Apollo Theater, a cancer center, a talk show forum.
JOSHUA (11) is raised by his single father, CHARLES. Charles isn't encouraging of Joshua's enthusiasm and fixation on comedy and being a comedian, wanting him to focus on school instead. At school, Joshua is bullied as a result of his skin disease Vitiligo. His best friend TREVOR and Trevor's mom, JESSICA, pick up Joshua from school. Jessica explains that she's found a stand-up gig for Joshua to pursue, but Charles is upset. Joshua grieves for his deceased mother and continues to struggle with bullying at school. MRS. FREEMAN, Joshua's guidance counselor, gives Joshua advice on how to overcome his bullies. Charles sees Joshua's grief and decides to let him pursue the gig. After a series of fevers, Joshua is diagnosed with cancer. At his comedy gig, Joshua freezes up and runs off stage. A humiliated Joshua blames Charles for not believing in him. Charles argues with Jessica about the gig. Mrs. Freeman shows Joshua that he can get humor out of his skin disease rather than being ashamed of it by showing other comedians doing the same.

Joshua asks Charles if he can do the gig again. Charles allows him after Joshua scores a perfect score on his test. After lengthy...