• Losing Brooklyn

  • Joseph DeLissio
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 74.5
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Choosing very different paths of their Italian heritage, a lifelong strained relationship between sons of a mobbed-up Brooklyn bar owner leads to betrayal with deadly consequences.
An Italian American decides to reject a life of crime and continue his grandfather’s legacy by making wine.
An Italian-American man in Brooklyn tries to continue his family legacy making wine, but is frequently thwarted by his father and brother’s criminal acts that threaten him.
A young Italian New Yorker struggles to achieve his dream of being a winemaker due to his reckless elder brother’s descent into a life of crime.
Crime, Drama, Family, Dark, Gambling, Organized Crime, Dysfunctional Family, Mafia, Siblings
The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Road to Perdition, Goodfellas, Wise Guys
1953, Several Decades
Houses, apartments, wine cellar, schoolyard, bar, funeral parlor, junior high school, drug store, barbershop, pizzeria, park restaurant, police interrogation room, winemaking supply store, prison, race track, warehouse, railroad tracks, beach, airport, vineyard, bowling alley, photo lab, and cemetery, etc.
In Brooklyn, 1953, GIOVANNA DELROSSO (69), JOEY DELROSSO (4), VINNY DELROSSO (6), and their grandfather ANGELO DELROSSO (72) stomp grapes in a wine cellar.

Five years later, Joey, now 9, plays at school. Vinny often teases him. They live with ROSANNE DELROSSO (36) and father EUGENE DELROSSO (38) in a small apartment, and drive to visit the grandparents to make wine.

Eugene takes Vinny to a bar with WILLY WEEP (40), FRANKIE FLOWERS, RAY BIG HEAD, and SHELLY MUFF. They also meet SAL THE BUTCHER (28), JIMMY BRASSIERE (50), and DOMINICK RONZINO aka “The Shepherd.” Dominick offers Eugene a deal in a bar.

Joey promises to keep the winemaking tradition alive, and Angelo officially gives him the title of winemaker. Eugene asks for money to get in on the bar, but Angelo does not want his son getting involved with the mafia. Angelo suddenly dies, and Eugene takes the money, trashing the wine room.
Years pass. Eugene becomes a partner in the Back Room Bar. Upset by the life of crime, Joey’s mother moves to Florida, and Joey and Vinny both quit school.

Vinny gets involved with criminals YAZ YAKOLINO and TOMMY GIORDANO. Joey starts making wine again. Vinny dates TINA MASCO, while Joey dates COLLEEN CONFORTO. Vinny convinces Joey...