• Oneonta

  • Joseph DeLissio
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 79.2
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A  middle-aged alcoholic ex ballplayer with a bad marriage and an anxious escort get trapped in a remote Airbnb in upstate New York when a historic blizzard buries the region in snow.
When an unprecedented snowstorm hits, an alcoholic former baseball star and an emotionally guarded escort become trapped together in a remote cabin.
A failed, alcoholic minor league pitcher discovers his wife's infidelity and goes on a bender, decamping to an upstate cabin and ordering a prostitute. When the troubled woman arrives, the pair clashes, but not before a historic snowstorm finds them trapped and striking up an unlikely bond as they attempt to survive the increasingly dangerous elements.
A former minor league baseball pitcher who is now washed up and estranged from his wife is honored at the baseball hall of fame. He stays overnight in a remote cabin and pays for the services of a sex worker, but when a massive snowstorm hits, they are unexpectedly trapped together and must fight to survive and overcome their addictions and prejudices.
Character Study, Drama, Romance, Thriller, Drugs, Marooned, Erotic, Man vs Nature, Survival, Accident, Addiction, Alcohol, Alcoholism, Athlete, Baseball, Escape, Father, Grief, Heartwarming, Husband/Wife, Prostitution, Sex
Wind Chill, Frozen, The Escort, Leaving Las Vegas, Two Night Stand, The Mountain Between Us, Walkabout, The Grey, Crawl
Present, Several Days
99% Oneonta, New York, including a cabin, roads, a river, Oneonta airport, a college, a car, a helicopter.  1% Wichita, Kansas, including a stadium, the Baseball Hall of Fame, a four-star hotel.
At a Minor League baseball game, cocky pitcher AL (22) breaks a record. Ambitious and eager to be scouted by the Major Leagues, he decides to keep going, despite his coach SKIP’s (Older Adult) warning that he should switch out.

Flash forward 16 years. Al arrives by himself to the Baseball Hall of Fame. There is an event honoring Minor League record-breakers. At the bar, Al realizes that he is not allowed to order the fanciest bourbons. The bartender gives him one anyway. Al reconnects with his former catch SMASH (41), who seems happy with a new girlfriend despite being divorced. Al admits his marriage with CARLA (37) has hit a rough patch. Later, he tries to call Carla even though it is a no-contact weekend. Al runs into pitching legend SANDY KOUFAX (late 70s), whose record Al had broken. Sandy tells Al that he had been scouting him for the Los Angeles Dodgers before an injury ended Al’s career. Sandy’s driver warns him that he has to leave before the impending snowstorm.

Al wins a Babe Ruth baseball bat worth $250,000. While driving to his AirBnB, he calls Carla, who, unknown to Al, is with a HANDSOME MAN (mid-50s) in...