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  • Travis J. Opgenorth
  • Unrepped
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  • Sci-Fi
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  • 74.8
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A scientist creates a clone that kills him in self-defense, and then the clone discovers that the scientist was one of many clones created by the real scientist's wife.
A man clones himself and says it's so he can replace himself when he dies. However, when his clone finds out that his creator is perfectly healthy, he questions the point of his existence.
A scientist is obsessed with creating a clone to replace himself when he dies, yet the clone kills him when he realizes the scientist is perfectly healthy.
Female Protagonist, Sci-fi, Thriller, Cloning, Murder, Dysfunctional Family, Betrayal, Experiment, Father/Daughter, Husband/Wife, Mother/Daughter, Violence/Violent
Ex Machina, Frankenstein, Creator, Never Let Me Go, Pet Cemetery, Black Mirror (TV)
2016 / A few weeks
A modern, two-story house in the woods
CAMERON ASHER (early 40s) and MICHELLE ASHER (early 40s) barrel out of the door as their house is consumed by flames. Cameron staggers out with ROWAN ASHER (16).

In a lab, CAMERON (early 40s) works. Later, Cameron lies unconscious on a padded exam table.

Some unspecified time later, Cameron observes the CLONE of himself lying unconscious on the table. This is C-TOO (identical to Cameron).

The Ashers celebrate the birthday of IAN (10), son of Cameron’s sister SARAH (late 30s). Cameron motions to something behind Ian. He turns and finds Rowan walking up with a dog, BILLY2, which Sarah reacts to in tears. Cameron and Michelle explain that Billy’s consciousness was uploaded, and part of what they are working on is an algorithm that analyzes emulated brain data along with other data collected from online browsing histories, social media posts, videos, etc, to guide the clone’s behavior. Cloning is illegal, so they have just been doing pets.

Sarah expresses worry about Cameron. Later, Michelle, Rowan, and Cameron wave goodbye to Sarah, Ian, and Billy2 as they drive away.

Cameron works with C-too in the lab. Cameron has pancreatic cancer and only a few months to live. Michelle knows, but...