• Boundary Layer Resistance

  • Margaret McCaffrey
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 79.5
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Three women with an interest in aviation join the war efforts on the home front but struggle to prove themselves to the sexist men they work with during World War II.
A group of women venture to join the U.S. military during WWII to train as pilots in a program called WASP.
The story of three main female pilots who were recruited and trained during WWII in the midst of a severe pilot shortage, and were placed in non-combat positions stateside as part of the Women Airforce Service Pilots — WASP. While they train to fly, they also struggle to deal with discrimination and harassment from men.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Period, Ensemble Cast, Military, Historical, Airplane, Female, Workplace, WWII
White / European
Pearl Harbor, Hidden Figures, Ladies Courageous, Red Tails
Locations include various houses, airfields, offices, World War II era planes, and army bases as well as the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, an open field in Texas, a cafe, hotel, fairgrounds, artillery practice range, train station, club, barracks, Purdue University, and cemetery.
1943, BETTY (late 20s) finds out her sister, MADELINE (20s), died flying a plane. Peggy finds out about the WASP program, which is designed to give women a chance to copilot jets for the military, and wants to apply. FAY (20s) begins working for ROBERTS (50s) to earn flight hours. She leaves her parents, MARY (?) and ROY (?). PEGGY (20S) tells her fiancé, WALLACE (30s) that she’s breaking off the engagement to join WASP. Her father, CHARLES (?), and her mother, MARGUERITE (?), don’t support her decision. JACKIE (?) convinces WALLER (?) to let the women train for assignments overseas by being copilots. Betty replaces MARY (?) as the instructor for this assignment. LUCY and MILDRED and SUSAN (20s) join the program.

Peggy begins copiloting with MAJOR RICHARDS (?). MARIANNE, MILLY, AND SHIRLEY (20s). MIMI (?) a journalist, gets the approval to write a story on the lady piolets. MAJOR WARREN (?) meets Peggy and asks her out, but she has to decline. Cooper demands Peggy gets the Gilruth Report. TUCKER (?), Fay’s instructor, begins sexually harassing her. DEDIE (?) is of no help when Fay asks her to be reassigned. Tucker tells Fay to come to his house. Fay begins looking for women who have had problems with...