• The Indweller

  • Ryan Curtis & Dan Zampini
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Horror
  • Scouted
  • 74.4
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A couple retreats to a remote mountain getaway hoping to repair their fractured marriage, only to find themselves at the mercy of a deceitful village that serves a malevolent entity – hell-bent on tearing them apart by bringing them together.
A couple going on a retreat at a mansion in a desolate area where they are being assaulted by the evil spirits that dwell upon the land.
An estranged couple looks to repair their marriage by taking a retreat to a house just outside a quiet town, but as they continue to stay, a malevolent entity takes an interest in the wife.
A married couple going through a rough patch goes on a retreat to heal their relationship, but when they end up at the sinister Lockmyre Manor, it does the exact opposite.
Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, Dark, Monster, Cult, Killer, Suspenseful
Hereditary, Get Out, Midsommar, The Cabin in the Woods, Ready or Not
3 days
Manor, Village, Shop, Car, Family Wellness Center
ROWAN (40s) takes the indweller out of MOTHER (124). She and GRAYSON (50s) talk about the burden of what they have to do. NICK and HARPER DENSON (30s) sit in couple’s therapy with DR. MCGUIRE (40s), who suggests a retreat. They find a place, and bicker on the way there.

They arrive at an empty forest, where Rowan is waiting and guides them through a strange village. When they get to a nice manor, Nick tries to get a refund. Rowan accepts but asks them to stay there while she finds another place. Rowan gives a quick tour. Later, Harper makes Nick a sandwich. It’s terrible so Nick goes to get food.

Nick walks into a tavern and meets Alan Barrett, who says that the food is from the land and they probably won’t like anything in the town. Whispers send Harper into the knitting room where she finds and opens the box that housed the indweller. It goes inside her.

Nick comes back to the manor and finds the indweller box, but can’t open it. His bag is outside the guest bedroom. He goes to sleep and dreams that a spider goes into his ear. He...