• The Cigarette Girl

  • Noah Burczyk
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Scouted
  • 75.1
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A young woman arrives in Prohibition-Era Chicago with a truckload of stolen liquor she wants to sell to the city’s notorious gangsters, whose truce is abruptly broken when they struggle over her alcohol. Immediately making a friend in George Moran and an enemy in Frank Capone, the woman seeks to become a member of the all-male Northside gang, but has to fight off the vengeful Capones as she tries to prove herself.
In the 1920s, a headstrong woman hoping to make money arrives in Chicago to sell alcohol, only to get caught up in a battle between George "Bugs" Moran’s Northside and Al Capone’s Southside gangs.
In 1920s Chicago, a woman from Iowa arrives with a truck full of stolen alcohol she hopes to sell, and meets George "Bugs" Moran of the Northside gang, whom she soon falls for, and gets caught up in the war between his gang and Al Capone’s Southside gangs.
Female Protagonist, Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Romance, Period, Thriller, Organized Crime, Historical, Criminal, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Gangster, Mafia, Parent, Suspenseful
Chicago, Boardwalk Empire (TV), Some Like It Hot, Bugsy, Proud Mary, The Untouchables, Bonnie and Clyde
1920s - A Few Months
100% Chicago: streets, nightclub, hospital, hotels
In 1920s Chicago, ROSE SHELHART (late 20s) drives a truck. She parks in the middle of the street, and OFFICER PEROWSKI comes up to her. She asks him for directions to a speakeasy, and reveals she has whiskey, gin, rum, and grain alcohol in her truck. Two gangs control the booze trade, with Madison Avenue as the border between the Northside Gang and Southside Gang. A MAN pulls up on a motorcycle: GEORGE “BUGS” MORAN (30s), a member of the Northside gang, offers to buy the booze. FRANK CAPONE (30s), and his lackey, ZUNNIO, arrive. In another car, two SOUTHSIDE GOONS get out, TINO and CHAZ. They surround George. George tells Frank that if he takes the truck, he’ll be breaking the truce. Tino and Chaz attack George. Zunnio fires a shot at Rose. Frank sees Zunnio drive the truck into Southside territory.

George and Rose chase the truck and try to get her pearls back that were taken by Zunnio. They fire shots at Tino and Chaz’s car. Rose manages to take over the truck and then follows George on his motorcycle. They drive off and George makes a Molotov cocktail. Rose zooms over the closing bridge...