• Mark Rogers & George Walczak
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  • Action
  • Drama
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Market: Fri, 29 Oct 2021
Manager (Jackson Entertainment Management (JEM))
In 1815 in the Florida Panhandle, runaway slave Cassius and his family take refuge in an abandoned British fort, along with a handful of other ragtag runaways. Under the reluctant leadership of Cassius, they declare the fort an African free state and soon they are 300 strong, raiding on the river and defending themselves against slave catchers. The U.S. government, feeling threatened, puts into play a final solution that threatens their very existence, and forces Cassius to make the ultimate decision – cut and run with his family, or stay and fight. A story of Black resilience and strength in the midst of America’s darkest time. A forgotten story ready to be told. Based on the real Battle of Negro Fort, one of the most important and forgotten events in U.S. History.