• Into The Darkness

  • Will Saunders
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Scouted
  • 71.8
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After dying in an accident, a weary crewman aboard a colony ship containing the last of humanity wakes up decades in the future to find his ship ruined. Now, he with the help of his unhinged captain, the only other survivor, must wrestle control of the ship back from its AI, who deems mankind no longer deserving of survival.
A solitary crew member serves his shift aboard a spaceship carrying the last of human DNA when he discovers a potentially inhabitable planet. After he dies in an accident on the planet, he is regenerated by an older captain via standard protocol, only to find that his ship's AI has turned on him in an attempt to destroy what is left of humanity.
After a spaceman on a lone mission to find a planet on which to revive mankind is killed in a crash, he's revived by the on-board technology that's allotted for the task. Upon waking up, he finds the ship's previous captain has emerged, and has designs on stopping the mission to save mankind.
A young man who is occasionally reborn in order extends his life span on a long-term space mission awakens one day to find a mysterious man inside of the ship, who warns him that the computer’s artificial intelligence may be a danger to the human race.
Film, Mainstream (studio), High Concept, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, Thriller, Cloning, Futuristic, Mistaken Identity, Philosophical
White / European
Moon, Gravity, Solaris, Noah, Sunshine, Event Horizon, Mission to Mars
Distant Future, Several Days, with Flashbacks to Thirty Years Prior
100% Space with several earth-like planets, a spaceship, and open space
AIDAN (33) awakes after being regenerated from DNA. He has an unexplained vision of a strange woman, VAL (30’s). He is there for his shift aboard a spaceship carrying human colonists’ DNA since earth was long ago destroyed. His AI, EL, helps in all matters aboard the ship, including the total healing of grievous injury. Aidan has a dream that reveals his earthly life, with wife SARAH (30), and their potential child, which Sarah was forced to terminate.

Aidan finds that a nearby planet might have potential for human habitation and is eager to explore. Once there he dies in a natural accident caused by a huge storm. He is regenerated via standard protocol. However, this time he awakens to find all the machines off, and the ship totally dark. As he traverses the ship, he notices wild animals running around, and wolves give chase.

Aidan is rescued by ROBERT (60), a former captain who is now awake. Robert tells Aidan that EL and the entire AI system have turned on them, and began to create the deadly animals from the DNA vault. He claims that Aidan woke him, and they took out the power to stop the robots before Aidan was killed...