• The Jet

  • Jon Shaivitz
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 72
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After an attempted kidnapping years earlier, a non-binary pop star struggles with PTSD. Their worst nightmare comes true when their private plane to Brazil is hijacked by their newly freed attacker.
After an attempted kidnapping, a non-binary/gender-nonconforming pop star deals with anxiety and PTSD. They accept a gig to play in Brazil, but the flight is hijacked by the man who was released from prison and wants to kill them.
Years after being attacked by a mysterious man, a famous musician boards a private jet on the way to a gig and finds himself under attack by a familiar stowaway who is anxious to finish what he started.
Action, Thriller, Murder, Political, Terrorist, Fame, Suspenseful, Violence/Violent
Don't Breathe, The Fanatic, Vox Lux, The Fan, Red Eye, Flight
Present / Mostly one day with a flashback and jump forward in time
Staples Center, Psychiatrist Office, dance studio, home, private jet
RANE (20) plays a concert at the Staples Center. Afterward, they go outside to sign autographs. A hand reaches across the barrier and pulls Rane into their crowd of fans. Fans try to take pictures with them as they are dragged down the street and towards an open van. The police are able to stop the MAN who has tried to kidnap Rane, and tells them that they’re lucky they got away.

Four years later, Rane is in therapy and suffers from PTSD after the attempted kidnapping. They ask their PSYCHIATRIST if they can up their dosage for their anxiety meds, but the psychiatrist denies them.

Rane gets a call from their manager GRAHAM about performing at a birthday party in Brazil. Rane tries to get out of it, but Graham makes them do it.

Rane boards a private jet to go to Brazil with Graham, their bodyguard PETER and their assistant MARY. Rane rehearses while Graham naps, Mary watches a movie, and Peter scopes out the jet. In the cargo hold, Peter discovers a Ferrari in mint condition. He gets inside and is attacked by the man. He tries to fight back, but the man kills Peter.

The man...