• The Magnificent Eleven

  • Michele Coggiola
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 76.1
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During World War II, a famed photographer is sent to Omaha beach to take photos, but when he photographs top-secret subjects, the OSS steps in to retrieve those photos by any means necessary.
During World War II, a young American photographer is determined to capture shots of the Omaha Beach landing, despite orders from his superiors not to leave the ship. After he captures controversial photographs, he struggles to get them published and keep them out of the hands of military/intelligence officers trying to stop them.
In 1944, photographer Robert Capa finds himself on Omaha Beach on D-Day, where he captures America's entrance into WWII in images of chaos and death. While attempting to survive the following hours and days in France, he and his Life Magazine colleagues in London risk their lives to protect the photographs from American intelligence officers, who seek to bury the images and the disaster they depict.
Mainstream (studio), Drama, Period, Thriller, War, Political, Work Related, Military, Foreign Locale, Social Commentary, Historical, Battle, Chase, Journalism, Media, Soldier, WWII
White / European
Saving Private Ryan, The Post, A Private War, Salvador, Minamata, Camille (France), Triage, Life
80% Normandy, France, including: Omaha Beach, military zone, club, ballroom, ship, war zone.  20% London & Spain, including: a newspaper office, Weymouth army base, Spanish military base, village.
ROBERT CAPA (29), a well-regarded photographer, is found in an infirmary after the assault on D-Day by members of the OSS named AGENT HARKER and AGENT DRUMMOND, demanding pictures from Omaha Beach. Capa gives them an envelope, and when they leave, Capa gives another envelope to another photographer named LARRY (19) to take to his boss JOHN (30) at Life Magazine. John, along with KELLY (22), and BRADDY (60), sees the photos.

Years prior, during the Spanish civil war, Capa gets word from FRIEDMAN (32) that he has to leave. Capa attempts to get his girlfriend and fellow photographer out, but she goes off to take more photos and is unfortunately killed in a scuffle.

Back in 1944, Capa is out on a night on the town with HEMINGWAY (45), and spends the night with twins ANNE and ROSE (24). He also meets Larry for the first time. Capa is called into the office, where he’s given the assignment to join the troops as they are brought into the front lines of World War II.

Later, Braddy comes across an OSS Agent named NERO (42), who is intimidating, and Braddy works for him.

Capa reunites with Friedman, and notices that Omaha Beach is off limits to the press.