• The Road To Abat

  • David Easlick
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Scouted
  • 71.9
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After his informant is brutally murdered in front of him, an intelligent agent in Iraq goes after those responsible, but must survive a contract put on him by a human trafficking ring.
When his Iraqi informant is murdered while trying to meet him, a member of US counter-intelligence begins searching for the killer responsible and for the informant’s family, who have disappeared suddenly.
When his informant is killed after trying to tell him about a human trafficking ring he has discovered, a U.S. counterintelligence agent in Iraq investigates as he tries to protect the man’s family.
When the informant of a US Counterintelligence Agent is murdered in front of him, he investigates the death, only to find that he was trying to tell him of a Human Trafficking operation in Iraq, leaving him as the one to try and dismantle it.
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Cop/FBI/CIA, Dark, Kidnap, Organized Crime, Rescue, Terrorist, Work Related, CIA, Criminal, Secrets
The Hurt Locker, Trade of Innocents, Body of Lies, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty
Present, One Year / Flashbacks To 27 Years Ago, One Day
Locations are set in Iraq and include various houses, the desert, an airport, compound, Humvee, hotel, infirmary, offices, police station, suspension bridge, café, concrete cell, park, airfield, stockyard, cargo plane, and base.
An Iraqi informant nicknamed ROBBY (mid-30s) sees living people in body bags being put inside a plane. His client, a counterintelligence agent named REESE (?), goes on a mission with his colleague LUKA (?). Later, Robby contacts Reese to set up a meeting.

When Reese arrives to see Robby, Robby is suddenly hit by a humvee and killed. The DRIVER (?) discovers that Reese was his contact by looking at his phone.

Reese meets up with an interpreter named MARK (40s) and demands to investigate the death, getting the go-ahead from the higher-ups. Reese goes to the airport Robby was at and finds a ring. He also discovers the Humvee Driver reporting to a LITTLE TYRANT (?). Reese tries to tail the Humvee Driver but is unable to get him.

COL. GIBSON (?) informs Luka to take Reese on another mission. Reese gives Mark the ring for inspection, but Mark is unable to find out, prompting Reese to take the ring back.

Reese and Luke go to investigate a building, and are ambushed, but they kill their attackers. Reese discovers the attackers have a tattoo of the engraving that’s on the ring. Reese calls a man known as HAWALA BROKER (?) for a meet-up....