• Soldiers of the Righteous

  • Peter Mourougaya
  • Unrepped
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 79
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After a Cambodian warlord murders her mother, a young woman joins the Viet Cong and struggles to stay alive while she participates in combat.
In the Vietnam war, a Viet Kong rebel seeks vengeance against a Cambodian warlord for the murder of her mother.
A Vietnamese woman during the Vietnam War fights for the Viet Cong and grapples with the profound losses the war has caused, and tries to avenge the murder of her mother.
Female Protagonist, Action, Drama, Thriller, War, Dark, Ensemble Cast, Grief, Guns, Violence/Violent
Asian / Pacific Islander
First They Killed My Father, Platoon, The Deer Hunter, Casualties of War, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Apocalypse Now
Locations are set in Vietnam and include tunnel complexes with radio room, mess hall, medical room, entertainment room, and sleeping quarters as well as various villages, huts, mountain, woods, temple, and pond.
In Vietnam, 1974, PHUONG (22) is a rebel fighting for the resistance. She returns to base to see CAPTAIN HUNG (50) and LONG (27) for another mission.

Elsewhere, TUAN (14) is pushed by a Vietnamese soldier named KHANG (40) to kill a man and woman.

Phuong has dinner with Long’s girlfriend YEN (22), who carries around a doll meant to look like a baby.

Phuong thinks back to a year prior, when her village was taken over by Cambodian Warlord BORAN (57) as a base of operations. LAN (40), Phuong’s mother, goes outside to protest, leading to her demise.

Phuong goes on another mission and captures Tuan sneaking through tunnels. She takes him back to base for interrogation, much to the dismay of Captain Hung. Phuong and Yen go back out for combat, and during the ensuing firefight against the Vietnamese army, napalm is dropped and Hung is killed, while Yen is burned but survives.

Later, Long tries to kill Tuan in retaliation, but Phuong calms him down, before allowing Tuan to move around freely. The resistance moves to another place for safety, led by MAJOR BINH (?). They settled in the Black Virgin mountains, which are a sacred place. Tuan and Phuong converse.

Phuong starts to help...