• Glass Rekindlers

  • Yelitza Prada Breen
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Sci-Fi
  • Scouted
  • Fantasy
  • 72.2
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A teenage glass artist fights to save her father after he falls ill, while alien beings arrive and offer to help her make glass sculptures if she helps them obtain the love energy they need.
When aliens land on Earth and tell her that they need to make endangered species sculptures and infuse them with human love in order to save their species, a teenager who’s struggling to follow her passion for artistic glass blowing due to her father’s failing business is challenged to help them by using her skills as an artist to beat out a maniacal scientist who wants to use the aliens' power to create weapons for the government.
After her artistic father suffers a heart attack, his talented daughter tries to save his business, and comes into contact with alien beings who entrust her with helping them save their dying world with the power of love, with the promise of also saving her father.
Female Protagonist, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Teen, Dramedy, Art, Dysfunctional Family, Father/Daughter, Female, Fight
Labyrinth, E.T., The Iron Giant, Gremlins
Present, a few days
Jacksonville, Florida: stratosphere, alien probe, house, studio, high school, docks, sky, Batten Island, riverfront cottage, highway, hospital, boat, coastal global bank, Atlantic Ocean, space
GEMMA O’BREENAN’s (17) father, BRYAN O’BREENAN (50s), has a heart attack. Gemma’s estranged mother, ANNIE O’BREENAN (late 40s), makes contact. Aliens see Gemma’s glass shop and make contact in the form of glass sculptures—a PELICAN, SQUIRREL, and SPIDER. They tell her and her friend FERGIE DUWEZ (17) that they need her help making glass sculptures of endangered species and infusing them with human love, or else their species will die.

HUXLEY MYNES (40s) comes and collects the meteorites. He touches Spider, which causes her to turn bad. She starts going off the reservation and eating glass, growing bigger. Fergie tells Huxley about the plan. At the zoo, Pelican collects samples of endangered species. Annie must get Gemma and Fergie when Spider breaks into the bat cage. Huxley shows GENERAL RODRIGUEZ (50s) how Spider can absorb elements. Rodriguez hires Huxley when Huxley tells him he can get two more aliens. Squirrel and Pelican eat sand at the beach, turning it into glass so that they can make spheres, which they then use to start replicating the endangered species.

Huxley and Spider arrive and steal the spheres. Spider pulverizes Squirrel and weakens Pelican. DENNIS HART (40s) and...