• The Wraith of Mrs McGuire

  • George Petersen
  • Unrepped
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Scouted
  • 77.4
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An ornery elderly woman has her vintage car stolen with her inside by a young thief. As she tries to scold and reform him and he tries to get her to leave, and they cross the border to Mexico, she is also visited by the wraith spirit of her deceased son, who died 40 years ago.
A teenage thief finds the perfect car to steal, only to discover an elderly woman inside who refuses to part with the car. As she reluctantly travels with him across the border, she begins seeing the ghost of her dead son, who tries to convince her to help the thief.
An elderly woman who’s struggling with guilt over the overdose of her son gets carjacked by a troubled youth. Soon after, the ghost of her son comes to her and convinces her to try and help the youth choose a better path.
Comedy, Crime, Drama, Supernatural, Dysfunctional Family, Car, Criminal, Mother, Mother/Son
The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy, Breaking Bad (TV), Overdrive (2017), Driving Miss Daisy
Present, a few days
Restaurant patio, red Chevrolet, parking lot, Mexican border, highway, Tijuana
MRS. MCGUIRE (80) meets her son, BOB (40s), and daughter, KATHLEEN (40s), for lunch. They try to talk to her about her health and attempt to convince her to move into an assisted living facility. She refuses. During lunch, Mrs. McGuire believes she has lost her locket with a picture of her dead son, BILLY (teen), inside. She quickly finds the locket, though.

After lunch, Mrs. McGuire gets into her red Chevrolet. She coughs up blood and injects herself with prescription medication. Mrs. McGuire falls asleep in the backseat of the car. She wakes up when RICO (15) is stealing her car.

Rico, who did not realize Mrs. McGuire was in the car, is shocked and drives erratically. OFFICER MAHONEY (40), seeing this, drives after the stolen car. As Rico pulls over, Mrs. McGuire sees the wraith of Billy, who encourages her to do something nice for someone else. Mrs. McGuire lies to Officer Mahoney and explains she asked Rico to drive her.

After the police officer leaves, Rico tries to force Mrs. McGuire out of the car. She refuses to get out. Rico reluctantly begins driving with her to Mexico. She attempts to convince him to turn the car around, but he...