• All About The Alpacas

  • Christian Deford
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 71.1
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A rising Wall Street broker must decide between his fast-paced city life and slower life in the country, on his recently deceased grandfather’s alpaca farm.
When his grandfather dies, a wealthy Wall Street trader is presented with a deal: he must work on an alpaca farm and care for them for six months, and if he stays and falls in love with the lifestyle, he gets $200 million.
A Wall Street broker is torn between his luxurious New York life and the joys of simple life on his grandfather's Alpaca farm.
Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Fish-Out-Of-Water, Money
Parent Trap, Collateral Beauty, Material Girls, Trading Places
A period of six months with a few flashbacks to a year prior
50% New York, 50% southern rural area. Locations include penthouse, alpaca farm, car, plane.
FLETCHER MCGILL (29) works as a Wall Street stockbroker. WALTER, Fletcher's father, informs Walter that his grandfather MALCOLM has died. The two reminisce about the last conversation they had with Malcolm, in which he urged Fletcher to view life from a more altruistic, less money-focused perspective. Malcolm's will leaves a 200 million dollar inheritance to Fletcher, provided he try and live on Malcolm's alpaca farm for the rest of his life. Fletcher seriously considers the offer, struck by the words of an old man, TEDDY, at the park. The head broker promises to take over Fletcher's clients while Fletcher flies down to Malcolm's alpaca farm in the south.

Fletcher meets TOBIAS, Malcolm's best friend and the man who runs the farm. CLARA, the maid, takes a liking to Malcolm, while SONNY, a farmhand, does not. Fletcher is intrigued by VICTORIA, Tobias's daughter. JODI, Fletcher's girlfriend, dumps him while he enjoys his first weeks at the farm. Fletcher grows closer to Victoria, convincing her to go on a date at the local carnival. At the carnival, Victoria reveals that Tobias is going to lose the farm to the bank. Fletcher has to leave for New York after the head broker dies and his...