• Wipe

  • Edward Hicklin
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Scouted
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A group of camp counselors is terrorized by the return of a bullied counselor that was killed in an outhouse and who comes back as a vengeful entity made of blood and fecal matter.
When a group of counselors and children arrives for camp, they ignore the warnings of a crazed man who lives in the woods about a killer spirit who haunts the campgrounds. When campers and counselors start to go missing, though, the others realize the crazed man is correct and must fight for their lives.
In 1971, at sleepaway camp Camp Jevateur, Tommy, known as “Wet Butt,” dies after a prank in an outhouse. 35 years later, he returns as a toilet-paper-and-fecal-matter sort of monster to terrorize the campers and counselors.
Comedy, Horror, Supernatural, Farce, Ghost, Murder, Monster, Teen, Gory, Violence/Violent
Friday The 13th, Sleepaway Camp, Hatchet, Scary Movie, Jason Lives, The Burning, Madman, Bodycount, Wet Hot American Summer
Present, A Few Days / 1971, One Day
100% takes place at a camp in the woods with specific areas including a counselors lounge, outhouse, dorms, cafeteria, party room, and lake.
In 1971, a camp counselor named TOMMY (?) is bullied by children, and is friends with a fellow counselor named HENRY (?). Tommy tells Henry that he’s made fun of because he grew up without a father and was never taught how to wipe his bottom, gaining the nickname “Wet Butt.” Henry tells him that he had a hard life too, and wants to stick by him to make sure he has a good time.

Later, Tommy chases after another unruly kid and ends up at an outhouse, where he’s assaulted by thrown toilet paper, to the point that he falls into the outhouse and dies after it collapses on him.

In the present day, counselors PETE (18), OWEN (?), and HEATHER (?) prepare for the first day of camp. They also meet PAUL (?), MERV THE PERV (?), ALICE (18), MATTY (?), JOEY (?), JASON (?), DOOF (?), DONNY (?), JILL (18). After introductions, they see the cook JEFF (?), as well as HARVEY (?), LARD (?), a medium named DAVID (?), and the crazy janitor named JOHNNY (?).

During a campfire, Matty talks about the legend of Wet Butt.

Later, kids are being rambunctious, and the wrecked outhouse where Tommy died starts to shake.

Merv walks around the woods and finds fecal matter on the ground....