• Out On Your Back

  • Riley Wood
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 73.7
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A security guard and the pro-wrestler who once broke the security guard's back struggle to set aside their differences to stop a group of armed men and women from robbing the bank the guard works for.
Two years after a pro-wrestler has his back broken by his jealous former wrestling partner, he becomes a bank security guard. The pro wrestler comes to the security guard's bank to gloat and show off, but they find themselves unexpectedly fighting an armed group when the bank is robbed.
A washed-up wrestling champion must team up with his former protégé and rival to stop a bank robbery.
Action, Comedy, Crime, Sports, Thriller, Hostage, Heist, Athlete, Betrayal, Friends/Friendship, Violence/Violent, Workplace
Masterminds, Glow (TV), Here Comes The Boom, Nacho Libre
May 1994-May 1997
90% takes place in a bank with various offices, restrooms, and a supply closet. 10% takes place in a wrestling arena, pawn shop, bar, mansion, police tent, and apartment.
In 1994, the undefeated tag team wrestling champions of the world, TOO-TONED TONY (?) and THE ORIGINAL ADAM (?), fight the Guerro Brothers. Adam and Tony, who is also the heavyweight champion, win. Jealous of the attention and favoritism Tony gets, Adam hits Tony with a folding chair. Tony receives a career-ending injury that leaves him in permanent pain while Adam becomes famous.

Two years later, Tony works security for a bank. One day, a fan asks him for an autograph. Tony agrees, which angers Tony’s manager. Tony has his paycheck docked. Soon after, BILLY THE BEANSTALK (?) sees Tony at the bank. Billy the Beanstalk tries to talk to Tony, but Tony, afraid of being admonished by his manager, brushes Billy the Beanstalk off.

Meanwhile, Adam wins his next match against SHAUN (?) and receives a one-million-dollar check. At a party, Billy the Beanstalk tells Adam about Tony’s job. Adam decides to take the check to the bank to have it cashed.

The next day, Tony arrives for work. Because his manager is watching him closely, Tony, afraid of getting in trouble, is rude to RIA SOLER (30s), a regular who has a crush on him. To make matters worse, Adam enters...