• Speak English

  • Kieran Angelini
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 75.9
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An ambitious cardsharp is blackmailed into marrying a wacko gangsta’s klepto girlfriend so she won’t be deported — then puts his life in even greater danger by falling in love with the guy's hot-blooded wife.
After struggling to find love, a man develops feelings for a drug lord’s wife, which puts his life at risk.
A man's life descends into an absurd web of lies when he falls in love with the wife of his employer, a vicious drug lord.
After a cardsharp loses hundreds of thousands of dollars for his employer, a notorious drug lord, he gets roped into a sham marriage for the drug lord’s girlfriend, whose visa is at risk, but then starts falling for his wife instead.
Film, Action, Drama, Romance, Racially Based, Gambling, Social Commentary, Love Triangle, Actor, Affair, Betrayal, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Guns, Husband/Wife, Love, Marriage, Pregnancy, Relationship, Violence/Violent
White / European
Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Uncut Gems, Meet The Parents, Indecent Proposal, Baby Driver
A month / 1 sequence 9 months later
Rodeo Drive - Jewelry Store Mansion - Art Studio / Guest Room / Street / Backyard with Pool / Living Room / Driveway / Hallways / Cardroom / Breakfast Nook / Dining Room Barber Shop - Back Room Simple Apartment Rundown, American Bar Nice Office Room FBI Office Room ICE Office - Individual Office County Courthouse Asian Condo - Exterior / Living Room / 2 Bathrooms / Hallway / 3 Bedrooms / Deck Beauty Salon Art Gallery - Paintings / Sculptures / Woman’s Bathroom Fancy Italian Restaurant Fancy Mexican Restaurant - Bedroom Above / Restaurant Dining Area / Restroom Area Lake Castaic Front Door of Fancy Home Street Crossing of a Nice Downtown Area Dark, Dank Basement Nice Sushi Restaurant French/Chiense Restaurant Prisoner Visitor Room Bedroom Cars - Chevy Express Cargo Van / Jaguar XJ / Ford Taurus / Silver Tesla Model S
NICOLE SIMONE (22), a sophisticated French woman, shoplifts a ring at Rodeo Drive. Meanwhile, GIA CARDENZA (30), a fierce Mexican artist, works on a sculpture. She shoos away her fashionable Peruvian husband, RENALDO CARDENZA (42).

MALCOLM “MAL” SEASONS (32), a polished man, plays poker. He wins by cheating and flees before the other men catch him.

Renaldo and his dopey bodyguard, TURK (52), torture traitor ALFONSE (36). FBI experts FRANK (45) and WALLY (36) wait outside, expecting a transmission from the wire they put on Alfonse.

Mal returns home to the apartment of his girlfriend, CAROLINE (28). She’s upset that he gambles for money and hasn’t married her.

Mal visits his father, EDDIE (70), a hard-headed and patriotic man, at the bar he owns. While there, Turk invites Mal to deal for Renaldo. Mal decides to work with Renaldo because he needs the money.

CHARLES MATHERS III (38) flirts with Gia as Renaldo watches with contempt. Mal arrives at the Cardenza’s and sees Turk kill Alphonse. Mal runs into Gia, who introduces him to Renaldo at the party. Renaldo explains that he wants Mal to cheat Charles in the poker game. Charles cheats and ends up winning, leaving Mal with a $420,000 debt to Renaldo.

Renaldo’s lawyer, STAN...