• Doc Band-Aid

  • Bob Bland
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 76.9
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When a homeless Vietnam vet, having hit rock bottom, catches a glimpse of his long-lost love from the war, but cannot bring himself to approach her, he is compelled to rebuild  his life and maybe get one last chance at happiness.
An army medic falls in love with a Vietnamese woman while fighting in Vietnam, yet both believe the other has died when her village is destroyed. Years later, he is homeless in Venice, California, and is an aspiring artist, and is shocked to see her once again as she works at a shelter, and they struggle to reconnect and deal with the resurgence of their feelings for one another.
After believing the woman he once loved died when her village was bombed during the Vietnam War, a homeless veteran with a talent for pointillist sketches discovers she is alive but engaged.
Ten years after losing the love of his life during the Vietnam war, a homeless veteran runs into her in California. As their romance is rekindled, the veteran finds an opportunity to overcome his PTSD and become the artist he always dreamed of being.
Drama, Romance, War, Mental Illness, Military, Love Triangle, Inspirational, Heartwarming, Immigration, Love, Relationship, Transformation
Thank You For Your Service, Jarhead, Welcome to Marwen, Sommersby, Birdy, Jacob’s Ladder, Coming Home, The Deer Hunter, Minari
Majority in Venice, California: homeless encampment, city park, Venice beach, trail, shelter, streets, store, stockroom, market, art gallery.Some scenes in Vietnam: house, village.
In 1969, in Vietnam, US Army Medic, FRANK STEWART (20), tends to his girlfriend, TAM (teens), who has been injured. After bandaging her wounds, Frank is forced to say goodbye in order to return to the frontlines with PT ROSEN (20s). As Frank and PT leave the village, they see missiles bomb the area. PT does not allow Frank to search the village for Tam.

10 years later, Frank, believing Tam has died, is living in California. He is homeless and lives in an encampment with THE PROFESSOR (30s), THE INDIAN (50s), NEW GUY (20s), and VINO (30s). Frank keeps his distance from the other men and spends his days making pointillist drawings.

One day, Vino and Frank find an alley where food is being given to the homeless. Suddenly, Frank sees Tam (20s). Embarrassed, Frank does not introduce himself.

Meanwhile, Tam lives with her father CHIEN (50) and her aunt, AUNTIE LEE (40s). The family owns a shop. Tam has a boyfriend, DR. JIN HO (?), who gives Tam money to feed the homeless.

Vino pushes Frank to approach Tam. He does, but she pushes him away. Frank approaches her again, and they both realize that they thought the other person was dead. Inspired...