• The Infidel

  • Ashish Mehta
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 80.8
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In 1989, a humble Muslim nurse is forced to watch her husband killed by controlling Muslim insurgents, and her son defect to their cause in a desperate attempt to keep from being exiled by the Indian government that seeks the exile of Muslims. After finding a pair of injured Indian army deserters in her home, the nurse agrees to look after them until her son returns, but when her teenage neighbor finds out and tries to help, the tragic consequences of their actions affect both families for decades to come.
In 1989, a humble Muslim nurse is forced to watch her husband killed by controlling Muslim insurgents, and her son defect to their cause in his anger against the Indian government. When she secretly takes in two injured army deserters in an effort to save their lives, she risks her own life and well being, and eventually that of the devoted boy who refuses to flee their neighborhood despite her pleas.
On a journey to his childhood home for the first time in years, a man finds the journal of the neighbor he saw as a maternal figure. In reading it, he relives his neighbor’s choice to help two deserters in the midst of political tension between insurgents and the Indian army.
Female Protagonist, Drama, Family, War, Racially Based, Terrorist, Tragedy, Foreign Locale, Historical, Adolescence, Mother/Son, Soldier, Son, Violence/Violent, Warrior
Arab / Middle Eastern
The Kite Runner, The English Patient, The Book Thief, Paradise Now, The Namesake, The Stoning of Soraya M
1989-1990, with Scenes in the Present
100% India including villages in Kashmir, with various homes, a backyard shed, a hospital, several stores, a migrant camp, bridge, a river, and mountain roads, and New Delhi with apartments, an office, and a hotel
In a migrant camp in Kashmir, shop owner NEEL (60’s) falls ill. His nephew in New Deli, KUNAL DHAR (42), receives a call that Neel has had a stroke, and is asking for someone named “Sakeena.” Before traveling to Kashmir, Kunal watches his girlfriend TARA (30’s) pack up her things and leave him.

At Neel’s bedside, Kunal tells Neel that he still hasn’t forgiven Sakeena. Neel tells Kunal that there’s something he’s never told Kunal, and he left something at the migrant camp for him. Neel soon dies.

Kunal gathers Neel’s things at the camp, and comes across a journal. It is Sakeena’s, and as he begins to read it, her story unfolds.

In 1989, SAKEENA (30’s) brushes off husband ALI’s (40’s) fears about the increasingly hostile environment in their area, where Islamic insurgents, led by AAFIQ REZA (20’s), spark violence in the name of freedom from the Indian government that seeks to exile them. As Sakeena’s son KABIR (16) hangs out outside with cousin HASSAN (17), and YOUNG KUNAL (16), who is their lone Hindu neighbor, Aafiq and his militants arrive. They call Ali a traitor for working with the government, and shoot him.

In the...