• The Whisperers

  • Travis J. Opgenorth
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 78.2
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A man is intent on exposing mediums as frauds after his wife dies by suicide after a seance. He receives an invitation to the remote house of two sisters who are famous mediums and is determined to expose them as frauds, but finds his ability to distinguish con from true magic grows hazy as visions of his wife appear.
When his wife commits suicide after visiting a medium, a detective makes it his life's mission to expose charlatans. When two sisters who claim they have the ability to hold seances invite him to their farm to see their gifts, he agrees but struggles to maintain his skepticism after he starts seeing the ghost of his dead wife.
A former detective intent on exposing mediums after his wife killed herself shortly after meeting one, is invited to a house owned by two sisters, who want to show him the craft is real. As he investigates further, he finds himself unable to discern what is real and what is an illusion, as he sees visions of his wife.
Drama, Detective, Faith/Spirituality, Horror, Supernatural, Dark, Psychological Thriller, Grief, Husband/Wife, Relationship
The Conjuring, The Prestige, The Possession of Michael King, The Rite
Boston, psychic parlor, city sidewalk, hotel ballroom, office building, farmhouse, barn, parlor, seance room, yard, phone booth, house
In 1974, DETECTIVE STEVEN OLCOTT (32) and his pregnant wife, JEAN (26), visit a psychic shop. Jean privately meets with HARLAN FARROW (35). Harlan states that Jean’s baby will be born in March. This upsets Jean, who goes outside and commits suicide by stepping into traffic.

10 years later, Steven has become an investigator for “The Skeptical Examiner.” He spends his time exposing psychics and other people claiming supernatural abilities. With the help of a colleague, LYNN BALDER (35), Steve exposes Harlan publicly for being a fraud. Steven has won a million dollars for Jean’s wrongful death and offers it as a reward to anyone who can prove the paranormal is real.

One day, Steven receives a postcard from the Taylor sisters, MARY (26) and ELOISE (22), boasting about their farm, where the sisters hold seances. When Steven arrives at the farm, he realizes he has exposed these women as frauds before. Mary points out that he never had concrete proof that the sisters were lying about their abilities. She invites him to stay and find this proof or accept that the sisters are gifted. Steven agrees.

Soon after, customers SHERYL POLK (20s) and married couple BOYD SNYDER (40s) and GINA SNYDER (40s) arrive. The sisters,...