• The Conclave

  • Edward Hicklin
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Scouted
  • 72.8
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When the pope, embroiled in scandal due to his alcoholism and racism, suddenly dies, the Catholic Church struggles to find a new pope. After the Conclave whittles down the nominees to seven, one of the men is murdered in the papal apartments. The remaining nominees suspect one another of the crime and struggle to uncover who is responsible without letting the outside world know that the Church has another scandal on its hands.
Seven papal hopefuls gather as a new pope is to be chosen, but the murder of one of them complicates the proceedings.
A group of cardinals gets together to decide on a new pope, but when one of them is murdered, the group suspects that one of them is behind it.
Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Murder, Ensemble Cast, Killer, Secrets
Clue, The Pope Must Die, We Have a Pope, Murder on the Orient Express, The Two Popes, Knives Out
Present, A Few Days
Locations include the papal apartments and balcony, the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Square, the streets of Rome, a cafe, Saint Peter's Square, and a television studio.
At the Vatican Square, reporters are discussing the selection of a new pope, after the previous pope, the controversial WILLIAM ANDREW II (?), died after being suffocated by his large beard.

Inside, the final contenders are being considered. They are EBUBA EBI (?), CHAD SCOTT (?), ARTHUR LOCKINGTON (?), SAUL BENOWITZ (?), PETER MACMILLAN (?), BENITO BERLUSCONI (?) and EDWARD XI (?). The group questions each other’s credentials and physical ability, as CHRISTOPH (?) attempts to keep them calm and to remind them of the strict no drinking law during the process.

That night, Berlusconi is caught finding wine, and the group decides to join in. They all get drunk and head back to bed in the morning. A couple of hours later, a scream wakes the party up, and they find Benowitz has been murdered. The group suspects each other, but tries to hide the body away from Christoph. Lockington fakes an illness to keep Christoph from investigating further.

As the group tries to get their bearings, FALK (?), a supposed member of the secret police and a close acquaintance of Berlusconi’s, arrives to solve the murder.

Falk and Berlusconi look at Benowitz’s body and find writings in Mandarin on him. Christoph then comes in and...