• The Prior Life of Emily Stone

  • Keith Samples
  • No Manager
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 75.2
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AgentRob Kenneally (CAA)
While investigating a psychiatrist who treats patients by revealing their past lives, a young reporter becomes convinced that many of her personal problems stem from a past life in which she was murdered.
A crime reporter with emotional trauma discovers while undergoing hypnosis that she had a past life as a woman who was murdered years prior. She travels to Louisiana to find out more information and get justice.
While undergoing regression therapy, a crime reporter discovers she was raped and murdered in a past life, causing her present-day problems with intimacy. Hoping to find peace and seek justice for her past self, she travels to the south to track down the killer while her sense of reality crumbles around her.
Female Protagonist, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Conspiracy, Dark, Murder, Revenge, Psychological Thriller, Father/Daughter, Identity, Investigation, Journalism, Private Investigator, Rural, Secret Identity, Secrets, Small Town, Suspenseful, Undercover, Writer/Writing
Black / African
Sharp Objects (TV), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, I Know Who Killed Me, The Lovely Bones, The Invisible, Hereafter
Present Day / A Few Days
20% Seattle, Washington: pool, news office, therapist office, apartment. 80% various in rural Louisiana: bridge, bar, inn, restaurant, house, police station, assisted living, roadside, town festival.
EMILY STONE (27) is a skilled reporter for the SEATTLE TIMES, specializing in criminal investigations. The recent suicide of ROGER UNGER (?) piques her interest, as the victim was a patient of psychiatrist RICHARD SANDERS (40s), who had another patient die under mysterious circumstances fourteen months earlier. Emily quickly receives permission from her boss NICK ROTH (late 30s) to investigate.

While interviewing MRS. UNGER (late 60s), Emily discovers that Roger was benefiting from a form of regression therapy where Dr. Sanders would hypnotize Roger in order to deal with traumas from Roger’s past life. Emily finds the prospect of reincarnation dubious but is intrigued nonetheless.

Emily declares to Nick that there isn’t a story; however, she confronts Dr. Sanders directly and asks him to treat her as a patient. During her first hypnosis session, Emily reveals that she has a deep fear of drowning, which has motivated her to become a strong swimmer. Additionally, she also reveals that she’s used restraints on every sexual partner she’s had, which intrigues Dr. Sanders, but he can’t seem to find a reason from her past to explain this behavior.

Soon after, Emily nearly drowns at the local YMCA pool, but...