• The Deer Eater

  • Riley Wood
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Scouted
  • 71.2
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A man goes to meet his fiancée’s family and finds himself confronted by a rougarou, a werewolf-like creature that takes the form of the fiancée’s brother and threatens to kill the family if the young man reveals its identity.
A young man travels to Louisiana to meet his fiancée’s parents and brother. Immediately rejected by her overprotective brother, the young man agrees to go on a hunting trip in order to bond with his fiancée’s sibling. During the hunting trip, a werewolf-like creature attacks the brother and takes over his body. When the young man tries to tell everyone what happened, no one believes that a deadly entity is now inside the brother.
A man goes to meet his fiancée’s family in rural Louisiana. On a hunting trip, her brother is attacked by a rougarou, a werewolf-like creature that takes on the form of the fiancée’s brother.
Comedy, Horror, Body Swap, Nature, Werewolf, Creature, Evil, Gory, Secret Identity, Small Town, Transformation, Violence/Violent
White / European
Cabin in the Woods, Ginger Snaps, An American Werewolf in London, Full Moon High, The Wolf of Snow Hollow
Present/about a week
Louisiana: woods, bar, middle-class home, freeway, convenience store, etc.
A HUNTER (50s) eyes a deer. The deer is swiped out of sight by a LARGE SHADOW.

SUMMER (early 30s) drives in a rental car with ADAM, Summer's fiancé (mid-to-late 30s). Another SMALL FAMILY pumps gas at the adjacent pump. A YOUNG BOY (10) and his YOUNGER BROTHER (8) run inside just before Adam.

They arrive at Summer’s family’s house, and MAMA (60s) greets them, with PAPA (60s) and GRANDMA (80s). Summer suggests that Adam and her brother TONY go hunting together.

Summer tells Tony she wants him to go hunting with Adam. Tony asks that Summer introduce him to Ashley Theriot.

Tony awakens Adam early in the morning to go hunting. Mama hits Tony with the bat several times. They go out into the woods. Adam poops in the woods and sees a deer, but a LARGE SHADOW quickly overtakes and devours the deer. A wolf-manlike creature, the ROUGAROU, attacks. The Rougarou pounces towards Tony.

ROUGAROU TONY has taken Tony's form. He looks exactly like Tony, but he has less of an accent. They return home, and the family dines on deer meat.

Adam goes to Dick’s Sporting Goods where SHAWN (40s) is working. Adam meets RICKY, who...