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ManagerBrandon Drea (Paper Plane Entertainment.)
After his wife suffers an aortic dissection and is placed into assisted living, an elderly man strikes up a close friendship with a woman whose husband is suffering from Alzheimer's.
After his wife becomes disabled due to a stroke, a husband befriends a woman who's struggling with the health issues of her husband due to his dementia.
After his wife suffers an aortic dissection and severe brain damage, a man visits her in a care home, where he befriends a woman whose husband has Alzheimer’s, much to the disapproval of both of their families.
Drama, Family, Faith/Spirituality, Romance, Medical, Dramedy, Illness
Black / African
Amour, The Father, Bridges of Madison County, Our Souls at Night
Present, a few months
Small town: house, tennis court, movie theater, restaurant, hospital, nursing home, theater. Some scenes on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico.
In the SAMS’ HOUSE, we see photographs of the Sams family, who are Black, and CARVER SAMS and ELLA JOHNSON. Carver (70) plays tennis with JAKE BRYANT (60s). CINDY BRYANT (50s), watches with ELLA SAMS (68).

Carver and Ella go to a movie theater. They go to a restaurant and are later surprised for their anniversary by FAMILY AND FRIENDS, from preteens to senior citizens, including Jake and Cindy. SARAH SAMS (33) and Sarah’s son JAMAL (12), and MALCOLM SAMS (40). Carver reads the card given to them, which says that Malcolm and Sarah are giving Carver and Ella an all-expenses paid trip.

The next day, Ella suddenly has a stroke, which paralyzes one side of her body. DOCTOR GUYTON (60) and DOCTOR BARKSDALE meet them. Barksdale says Ella had an aortic dissection, and that the brain damage is irreversible. Malcolm has to decide whether to proceed with surgery or not. Malcolm thinks they should let her die.

Later, Carver struggles at home without Ella. He visits her in a nursing home. EVELYN (50s) and REVEREND PHILLIPS (40s) talk to them and invite him to a service. SOFIA (30s) helps Ella learn to write again. Ella cries when she soils herself.

PATRICIA TAYLOR (60s) sits...