• Ajeeta the Invincible

  • Terry Lynam
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Comedy
  • Family
  • Scouted
  • 71.2
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A streetsmart orphan escapes from her orphanage and teams up with a simple-minded janitor, and the two of them journey to get the orphan girl to football tryouts and the janitor to a clinic that may be able to fix his failing eyesight.
An ambitious, streetwise twelve-year-old orphan in India will stop at nothing to get to an elite football academy to pursue her talents, starting with breaking out of the reformatory where she is kept with the help of a blind, mistreated janitor who might stand a chance at a sight-restoring surgery in a faraway city.
A 12-year-old orphan in India who has escaped numerous orphanages dreams of being a football player. When she is sent to yet another orphanage, she goes on the run with the janitor to try to get to the football academy and try out for the national team.
Comedy, Drama, Sports, School, Troubled Youth, Childhood, Escape
Indian / South Asian
Bend It Like Beckham, Hunt for the Wilderpeople. The Longshots, Sling Blade
Present, a few weeks
India: countryside, train, orphanage, dining hall, landfill, jail, clinic, police station, football academy.
In Surat, India, AJEETA (12) climbs a tree and is chased by GUARDS. She rides a bus to the Jaipur District Jail. She returns again the next day to visit her brother MANDEEP (18), who is jailed for drug charges.

In downtown Jaipur, SUDARSHAN (47) chases someone. Ajeeta crawls through the sewers. Ajeeta attempts to get to Sasaram and buys a train ticket. Sudarshan pursues and handcuffs her.

A ROWER (45) takes a handcuffed Ajeeta to the Reformatory on a boat. She slips out of the handcuffs and swims away.

She arrives at the Fort Pitt Reformatory, where MISS QASSAB (50s) sits with RAHUL (80). Rahul slaps Ajeeta and they are cruel to her. She meets janitor BOPPY (55) and her roommate PARVEEN (14).

Qassab is also the football coach, and coaches the girls, including DHARA, the biggest girl on the team. At the tournament, the other COACHES tease Qassab about her team.

Ajeeta observes Boppy and talks to a BARGE WORKER. Later, Ajeeta sneaks out via the garbage and emerges in a landfill. She is re-captured and taken back to Fort Pitt and placed in a cell. Coach Qasab directs the team in football drills. 

On an airplane, DOCTOR DAWKINS (55) addresses her fellow passengers about giving...