• Red Rabbit Down

  • Michael Roud
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 72.3
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A man joins a street-art group to try and cope with the grief he’s feeling over the suicide of his sister, who loved street art. After he gets an IM from someone claiming to know that his sister was killed to cover up a conspiracy around the energy drink Red Rabbit, he uses his street art and his new associates to uncover what happened to his sister.
An ad student mourning his sister's death from overdose is drawn into an underground street art community that stages bold installations across NYC. Just as he’s being initiated into the group, he’s contacted by a secret source who claims that someone murdered his sister, prompting him to enlist the other artists to help investigate a powerful corporation with ties to the death.
An advertising student mourns the loss of his influencer sister Charlie from a drug overdose and tries to pursue his interest in street art. Yet when he starts to receive information that his sister’s death was not accidental, he and his fellow artists investigate the Red Rabbit drink corporation they deem responsible.
Drama, Conspiracy, Work Related, Troubled Youth, Art, Grief, Secrets, Workplace
Style Wars, Velvet Buzzsaw, Mr. Robot (TV)
Present, a few weeks
City — alley, parking lot, pub, apartment, loft, city street, beach, corporate office, warehouse, penthouse, art gallery, tent, basketball court, 7-Eleven, street corner, garage.
KILLIAN SEVERSON (48) offers LEVI CROMWELL (22) a job. GLENN CROMWELL (late 50s) says Levi will take it. At a bar where PAULA CASPER (mid-20s) works, Levi sees visions of his dead sister, CHARLIE (22). Levi discovers Paula is the famous street artist Sparrow. When Paula finds out Charlie is Levi’s sister, Paula agrees to teach Levi how to paint.

Paula and Levi run into PABLO DIAZ (38), WAX (28), GHOST (32). Pablo tells Levi that he has until sunrise to impress him in order for Pablo to teach him about street art. Levi creates a piece that impresses Pablo, and he invites Levi to join his group—BIT.

Levi IMs someone claiming that they know who wanted his sister dead. Levi tells Ghost, who then gives Levi a USB to plug into Charlie’s computer. Levi suspects Killian, Charlie’s secret boyfriend, knows something about her death and confronts him, but Killian denies it.

Meanwhile, the BIT group works on a painting. Levi gets a call from the cyber mystery person. He meets with a woman named YOLALOVE (mid-20s), who tells him that BRIAN (40s), Killian’s brother, killed Charlie. Yolalove gives Levi a flash drive. Brian shows up and chases Levi...