• The Rains of Berlin

  • Niav Atkinson
  • Unrepped
  • Available
  • Drama
  • Scouted
  • 76.1
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In 1981, an author reminisces navigating through WWII Germany as a gay man. He notes a deep but ill-fated romance with a Nazi General's son.
In World War II Germany, a gay musician finds love with a dancer, and the two of them struggle to be together under the watchful eye of the dancer's bigoted father, who is a Nazi general.
In 1981, a pianist reflects on his time in Germany of 1932, where he fell in love with a male dancer whose father was a general for Hitler.
In the 1980s, an acclaimed German musician tells his story during the war, when he fell in love with a young ballet dancer who was the son of a Nazi.
Drama, Romance, LGBTQ, Historical, Love, Nazi, Performance, Performer, WWII
White / European
The Imitation Game, The Reader, Brokeback Mountain, A Love To Hide, The Exception, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Primarily in late 1920s/1930s, scenes in 1981
New York apartment, Germany, church, school, train station, Munich music school, shoe parlor, Munich streets, library, lecture hall, auditorium, art gallery, cafe, house
In 1982, LEONARD HERTZ (70) is performing a rare interview for an unseen PRODUCER (?) and discussing his life story. Through his interactions with the Producer, it is made known that Leonard has become an accomplished author. However, his life began with much humbler origins.

Leonard then describes how he grew up in the 1920s in a German orphanage. Young Leonard found a passion for music, and this helped him to deal with his abandonment by his parents. LEONARD (17) is then seen as a young man at the orphanage. Soon, he meets a new arrival named WALTER (17). While Leonard is somewhat quiet and inhibited, Walter is outgoing and vibrant, and the two grow quite close.

Leonard continues to harness his musical abilities. He sets out to impress a CONSERVATORY REPRESENTATIVE during a musical recital. He succeeds, and he is offered a scholarship to the Royal Conservatory of Munich. Leonard and Walter celebrate and reflect on how life may take them separate ways. Leonard takes the opportunity to kiss Walter and confess his love. Walter becomes angry and leaves Leonard.

In the 1930s, Leonard is now attending his music school and working on the side as a cobbler. Through his work, he meets a...