• The Villain

  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Set Up
  • No Agent
  • Drama
  • Black List
  • 75.4
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Market: Fri, 19 Feb 2021Sold: Mon, 10 Jan 2022
ManagerMichael Claassen (Writ Large)
ProductionMandalay Pictures
The completely outrageous and completely true story of “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, from his meteoric rise as wunderkind hedge fund manager and pharmaceutical executive to his devastating fall involving crime, corruption and the Wu-Tang Clan, which exposed the rotten core of the American healthcare system.
This story follows the rise and fall of Martin Shkrelli, one of Wall Street's most infamous figures
“Villain” explores the life and downfall of Martin Shkreli as he climbs his way up the finance ladder.
From a poor immigrant's son in Brooklyn to the most hated man in America: this is Martin Shkreli, big pharma CEO, and criminal.
This true story follows the young and ambitious Martin Shkreli on his rise and fall from success.
The twisted rags-to-riches tale of how Martin Shkreli, aka "Pharma Bro," became one of the most hated men in America.
Character Study, Biopic, Crime, Drama, Courtroom, Con, Cop/FBI/CIA, Prison, Political, School, Urban, Work Related, Corruption, Social Commentary, Business, Agent, Celebrity, Criminal, Culture, Economy, Evil, Fame, Father/Son, FBI, Government, Hip-hop, Media, Obsession, Outsider, Poverty, Workplace
White / European
The Social Network (2010) The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) The Big Short (2015) Pharma Bro (2021) The Dropout (2022) Generation Hustle (2021) Inventing Anna (2022)
1995-2019/ New York City
Brooklyn/Manhattan: Prison, Fulton Park, Highrise Apartment, Subway, High School, Impoverished Apartment, Various Office Buildings & Corporate Offices
RZA visits MARTIN SHKRELI in prison to ask him for something. JUMP TO:

1995. Shkreli plays chess with his father and assists him at his janitorial job where he accidentally runs into an arrogant businessman and is insulted with derogatory language. Shkreli idolizes this man and becomes interested in finance and stocks.

Years later, as a high schooler, Shkreli interns at a trading company only serving coffee to those in charge. He does thorough research on pharmaceutical drugs and convinces his boss to short sell a significant stock. His advice works out in his favor, and Shkreli climbs his way up the financial ladder.

With the assistant of his high school friend, Marek, Shkreli starts his own hedge fund to initial success but the Great Recession in 2008 causes him to lose the money he made. This setback influences Shkreli to quit trading and to start his own pharmaceutical business and price "optimize" certain drugs.

Shkreli becomes a notorious celebrity, making TV appearances, and riding a wave of criticism. Shkreli takes pride in his notoriety, living lavish and even spending money on the rights to a Wu-Tang Clan album.

Marek and other employees take suspicion in Shkreli's actions and presume he's financially...